What is this thin metal wire in wall of 50s home?


So here’s a strange story that I pull out every now and then. This post is the perfect place to retell it.

When I was in High School, I played guitar in a few different rock / metal bands. One band attained a decent level of success (for a high school band), while the others were basically just me “jamming” with some friends. This story revolves around the latter of the two.

A friend of mine had told me about a guy he knew who was looking for a guitarist to play with. My friend had said that this guy was a few years older, lived in a neighboring city, and was pretty decent drummer. My buddy was also a great drummer, and stand up guy, so I trusted his judgement. Uncharacteristically of me, I took the guy’s number, talk briefly with him on the phone, and decided to drive over to his house.

This was mid 90s Cleveland. I lived in a pretty middle class suburb, about 15 minutes from downtown. He lived closer to town, in a little rougher area. I lived in a clean 3...

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The cable channel is covered. This is done by filling it with plaster, which is then painted or papered.

The socket is connected to the cable by inserting each wire in the terminal and tightening the screw (see FIG. 3).

The socket is screwed to the box.

What are the objects in the diagrams called?

Example: (a) This is called a chisel, (b) This is called plaster.

Making a car panel

This panel (FIG. 1) fits

onto- the front right-hand

side of a car. It is made

by three methods. \

First, sheet steel is made. This is done by pushing a piece of steel between two rollers (see FIG. 2), which squeeze the metal and make it longer and thinner. This method is called ROLLING. Not all metals can be rolled. For example, iron cannot be rolled because it is too brittle. But steel can be rolled because it is tough and malleable enough.

Next, the steel is cut into a flat shape (see FIG. 3)....

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Running Wires in an Existing Home

This guide explains how to fish wires through walls on an existing home - after the drywall is installed. You may also want to read some of our other guides for more information. The Wiring Panel makes the case for terminating all wires to a central location instead of running wires room to room. The Types of Wires page explains the different types of wires you may be using. The Finishing Guide explains how to terminate the wires (put on the end connectors) after you run them to the outlet. The Parts Guide lists what you need to do the project. Minimally, you will need a fish tape, electrical tape, a drywall saw, and a stud finder. You may also need a hammer & chisel if you will be notching studs or joists.

Planning your wiring run

First you will need to decide on the start and end location for your wire and then determine the path that the wire will take. It is important to consider the wire path before cutting...

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A wire is a single, usually cylindrical, flexible strand or rod of metal. Wires are used to bear mechanical loads or electricity and telecommunications signals. Wire is commonly formed by drawing the metal through a hole in a die or draw plate. Wire gauges come in various standard sizes, as expressed in terms of a gauge number. The term wire is also used more loosely to refer to a bundle of such strands, as in "multistranded wire", which is more correctly termed a wire rope in mechanics, or a cable in electricity.

Wire comes in solid core, stranded, or braided forms. Although usually circular in cross-section, wire can be made in square, hexagonal, flattened rectangular, or other cross-sections, either for decorative purposes, or for technical purposes such as high-efficiency voice coils in loudspeakers. Edge-wound[1]coil springs, such as the Slinky toy, are made of special flattened wire.


In antiquity, jewelry often contains, in the form of...

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Your microwave: It heats up your leftovers, pops your popcorn, and makes your old coffee slightly less awful. Chances are, you’re not using it as much as you used to.

But if there’s one thing we all know it’s that you should never, ever put metal in your microwave. Because it will definitely explode, just like in the clip above from the movie American Hustle. Except that scene is wrong. Remember that one time you absentmindedly left a spoon in the bowl you stuck in the microwave and everything was fine? Or whenever you’ve heated up a Hot Pocket and wondered about the metal lining in the packaging? That’s when you started thinking that the whole thing is just a hoax.

Each week, we'll explain the science behind a strange phenomenon that you may be wondering about, or may be hearing about for the first time right here. If you've seen or heard of something you'd like us to explain,

send us an email


As loyal fans of Pinky and the Brain will...
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Religion and culture are two interrelated strands of any society.

В любом обществе религия и культура являются двумя тесно взаимосвязанными между собой его составляющими.

There are two strands of maternity protection in Jersey.

На Джерси существуют два вида охраны материнства.

To conclude, we believe that while strands of commonality exist, every humanitarian emergency is unique.

В заключение мы хотели бы выразить наше мнение о том, что, несмотря на общие черты, каждая гуманитарная чрезвычайная ситуация имеет свои особенности.

Colombia's national movement of children for peace is already cutting the first strands of that great cord in our country.

Национальное движение детей Колумбии за мир уже начинает разрывать эти огромные путы в нашей стране.

One of the three main strands of this new action programme deals with 'Health...

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Wires as we define here are used for transmission of electricity or electrical signals. Wires come in many forms and are made from many materials. They may seem simple but engineers are aware of two important points:

-Electricity in long wires used in transmission behaves very differently than in short wires used in design of devices
-The use of wires in AC circuits brings on all sorts of problems like skin effect and proximity effects.

1. Resistivity/Impedance
2. Skin Effect
3. Types of Wire Design
4. More on Wire Materials
5. Wire Insulation

1.) Behavior of electricity in wires: Resistance and Impedance

It's important to know if you are dealing with DC or AC power in a given wire. AC power has some very complex physics which cause some strange effects. This was one of the reasons why AC power

was developed in the 1890s

, long after DC power. Engineers like

C.P. Steinmetz


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Every home has a phone box, also known as a Network Interface Device, regardless of whether or not the home has an active land line. Simply having this box, however, does not mean that there is working phone service inside the house. It is necessary to run telephone wire from the house to this box in order to have a working phone line. It is completely legal and cost effective to wire a telephone line yourself. There is no permit or inspection required, as the phone wiring that runs from the box to the house is your property. You can save a great deal of money by wiring a telephone yourself instead of hiring the phone company or an electrician to do it for...

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Wire drawing is a metalworking process that reduces the diameter of a wire by pulling it through a die designed for that purpose. Usually performed at room temperature, wire drawing is different from extrusion in that the wire is pulled through the die, rather than pushed. While the most commonly known application for drawn wire is the cabling used for electrical and communication networks, there are countless other uses as well: paper clips, springs, tire spokes, and musical wire (the wires used in violins, cellos, and other stringed instruments) are all made using drawn wire.

Wire was originally made by hammering metal, such as gold and silver, into very thin sheets and then cutting very thin slices from the sheets. These thin slices would again be hammered into shape until they were fine enough to be used for jewelry or to be woven into clothing. Archaeological evidence suggests that around 400 BC, metal workers were experimenting with wire drawing, fashioning crude dies,...

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Alibaba.com offers 3,298 thin metal wire products. About 9% of these are iron wire, 8% are stainless steel wire, and 4% are steel wire. A wide variety of thin metal wire options are available to you, such as loop tie wire, flat wire, and u type wire. You can also choose from black, coated. As well as from manufacturing, construction, and rope. And whether thin metal wire is electro galvanized, or hot dipped galvanized. There are 3,325 thin metal wire suppliers, mainly located in Asia. The top supplying countries are China (Mainland), India, and Turkey, which supply 99%, 1%, and 1% of thin metal wire respectively. Thin metal wire products are most popular in North America, Domestic Market, and Western Europe. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, including 1,397 with ISO9001, 306 with Other, and 282 with ISO14001...
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Popular metal wire wall of Good Quality and at Affordable Prices You can Buy on AliExpress.

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So I take it that the other side has 2 wires, right + and Ground. I can probably leave those in place and use a 4 core cable on the left driver and still have it be balanced without needing to screw with the right ear.

Does the right ear have any of those copper traces?

Also, am I seeing 4 actual traces? The outer most semicircle with the gray burnt looking thing, is that 2 seperate contacts?

My original idea was to drill the bottom of the other headphone and have a cable coming from each cup. This would mean 2 wires per driver, which lets me do L+, L-, R+ and R-. I was going to leave that black cable in there but cut it and secure it so that the contacts are nowhere near anything.

It looks to me like Black and Gold wire combo is the ground, red is the right earpiece and green is the left earpiece, and the largest semicircle is actually 2 seperate contacts. Does this sound correct?

EDIT: another idea would be to break that copper connection for ground...

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In the early 1900's, the company engineered the first looms capable of weaving

metal wire


The influence of spinning

metal wire

on the formed electric field was analyzed using the commercial software COMSOL.

But that's when Huang had the idea to change the shape of the

metal wire

to make it fill the small space between battery components; in the end, the line connecting the components looks like a large "S," with many smaller "S's" within that shape.

It looks like black cotton thread but behaves like both

metal wires

and strong carbon fibers.

Pc Pete Clarke said the cat was secured to the fence with rope but also had

metal wire

wound tightly around its neck.

The reports include harm to livestock, and in some instances death, caused by cattle ingesting the

metal wires

contained within the lantern frames.

Don't touch an electrical cord if you see its bare

metal wire


The carbon wire...

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Wiring in a wooden house

In suburban development takes place todayincrease in the proportion of wooden buildings, because they have many advantages. However, in addition, there are positive qualities and negative features: fast flammability and combustibility. Therefore, high-quality wiring in a wooden house is very important, and construction works require special skills.


Design - the basis for success Field wiring, installation Installation of equipment to shield Laying the internal network Outdoor installation method Features flush Marking devices, boards, cable Installation of switches and sockets Pass through a wooden surface How to choose the electric cable wire resistance measurements

Design - the basis for success

Wiring in a wooden building begins withIt is developing an instrument such as the wiring project. At this stage the selected method of laying electric cables and methods of installation of switches, dimmers, sockets and...

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50s Vs Modern Les Paul Wiring

A Gibson Les Paul, SG, ES-335 and many other guitars use a two-pickup/four-pot setup: two dedicated volume controls and two dedicated tone controls. The tonal possibilities are almost endless if you know how to dial it in right, and the tireless tinkerers among us have tried several ways of hooking up the pickups to the pots over the years. That might sound strange because you might think there’s just one way to wire it all up, but clearly there are more roads that lead home! Let’s take a closer look at the various ways you can wire up your four-pot guitar.

Before we really dive into new wiring possibilities, let’s quickly recap what a pot is and how it works. The word ‘pot’ is shorthand for ‘potentiometer.’ Structurally speaking, a pot has one large resistor inside with a start and an end (which we see as the outer lugs on the casing of the pot). That part doesn’t move when you turn the knob. What does...

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First, the finish (two-tone sunburst), was absolutely lovely, without a flaw.

The neck has a great, but sublte v-shape that fits nicely in my hands and make chording much easier. In fact, I don't think I've ever held a guitar with a nicer neck.

The Gotoh tuners make string-changing a breeze, and I'm thinking of adding them to all my guitars.

Through my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, I was able to dial in a very sweet, glassy overdrive. Pushing the gain a bit, I found a convincing
"Sunshine of Your Love" tone.

I had concerns both about buying an instrument online, as well as buying a MIM Strat. Both fears were totally unfounded.

The only changes I made were adding Schaller Strap-Loks to protect it, and adding two additional springs to the tremelo block. (I don't use the trem much, and prefer the stability and sustain of a tighter bridge. But that's just a personal preference.)

I love the sound of the pickups, and the fit and finish of the...

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I'm trying to find someone who can identify the bullet and cartridge shown in the attached photo.

The two were not found together but probably 1/4 mile apart on a piece of land we own and over which Sherman and his troops passed as he marched from Vicksburg, MS to Meridian, MS. Both were found near the old road by which his troops traveled. I don't know that the bullet is of the Civil Ward era but think it is old. The land patent for the property was issued in 1841. While they weren't found together they do seem to match.

The bullet -- Lead 0.25 inch in diameter (base measurement) 0.55 inch long The base is relatively flat with only slight indentation The bullet had a rust-colored coating when found probably due to the red clay. Under the rust coating was a white chalky patina.

The casing/cartridge -- Appears to be copper Has a serrated ring about 2/3s of the length measured from the bottom, seems to correspond to the ring on the bullet. Vertical lines along...

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