What sort of transformers are needed for LED spotlights (MR16)?


I have a suspended ceiling in my bathroom with 6 halogen (MR160 12V 35W) spotlights, each light has its own transformer, which I believe is to covert the voltage from 240v to 12v.

Some of the fitting do not work entirely (I have checked by moving the bulbs to another fitting), and in addition the new LED bulbs (12v 5w) I have bought either do not work or intermittently flash.

My questions are... Is it normal to have one transformer per bulb?

My assumption is that the LED bulbs flash because the transformer is not the right one, is this correct and which one should I get?

I also assume the other fitting do not light, either due to faulty wiring or more likey the transformer has blown?

Do the transformers have to be dimmable, considering we don't have a dimmer switch.

The label on one of the transformers

View of the ceiling...

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As with most things, this is a subject that gets more involved the more you get, err, involved. I won't begin to pretend that I'm an expert on this subject, but I've worked on projects with friends who are, and they've been installing very expensive LED lighting systems into large hoses, and in a nutshell, it's a bit of a science.

As I say, I don't know much, but I'll tell you what I know...........

12v MR16 gives a nicer light than 240V GU10. There's not a huge amount in it, but it's a difference all the same. GU10 used to have a habit of tripping breakers when they "blew". They would also kill cheap dimmers sometimes when they blew. They now tend to stretch the filament over a "pinch" in the lamp glass which stops them shorting when they blow. Lamp life can be variable with both. In the case of 12v lamps it's dependant on the quality of the transformer and whether it "soft-starts" the lamp. GU10's are hard started all the time, which is when they are...

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Before undertaking any of the alterations below turn off the electricity supply. If unsure, consult a qualified electrician

Step 1 - Establish your lamp type and bulb fitment.

240v input GU10 looks like this (twist fitting)

12v input MR16 looks like this (push fitting)

Step 2 - Remove existing bulbs

Step 3A - Installing new GU10 fitment lamps

For GU10 fitment lamps, simply fit the LED replacement, which twist fits into the existing lamp holder.

You should check the dimensions for your choice of LED lamps before you buy as some LED lamps are slightly longer than standard halogen bulbs. Longer LED lamps will often fit fine so long as your lamp holders have flexible GU10 connectors and there is space for the new LED lamp to push up into the fitting.

Flexible GU10 connectors look like this.....

Note that some lamp holders have a fixed GU10 socket (like below), in...

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A 6w/12w/18w LED driver transformer from Lowenergie.

LED driver transformers are needed instead of standard 240v to 12v transformers commonly used for halogen bulbs. Without an LED driver transformer there is a possibility that the led lamp will either not work or flicker. If an LED lamp does work with a normal transformer, the LED light will have a significantly reduced life and will fail after only a few hours.

The 6w, 12w or 18w maximum rating for these LED drivers must not be exceeded. Several LED bulbs can be run with these LED drivers so long as the total wattage of lamps do not exceed max driver wattage. These LED drivers/transformers are suitable for all G4, MR11, MR16/GU5.3 LED bulbs and also most LED strip lights, just make sure the maximum wattage of the strip light does not exceed the 6w, 12w or 18w max output power of the LED drivers.

These LED Drivers are genuine and fully approved with the CE safety mark. They are also suitable for SELV...

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Featuring the latest in LED technology our affordable MR16 LED spotlights are available in a superb range of colour temperatures to suit your exact lighting requirements. With impressive lifespans our MR16 LED spotlights provide a very economical and efficient way in which to illuminate your space.

By shopping our range of MR16 bulbs you'll find savings of as much as 90% on your general energy consumption. Not only does this mean a longer lasting bulb, it's better for the environment thanks to a lower carbon footprint.

Choose from 3.6W to our 9W options. Either way you'll save money and get a brighter source of light in the home.

We stock well known lighting brands including Biard LED and Toshiba.

Make the switch to MR16 LEDs today and be amazed by how much you can save!

Read More

What is an MR16 Spotlight?

The bulbs placed within this MR16 category are forms of spotlighting. MR refers to the bulb's multifaceted reflector and 16...

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This article assumes you are considering retrofitting existing low voltage halogen downlights with LED MR16 lights (MR16 lights are also known as GU5.3 sometimes). LED MR16 lamps require external driver circuitry in order to step down from the 120/240VAC mains supply to 12VAC. The LED chips inside LED lamps are driven by direct current (DC). As a result of this, MR16 LED lamps contain electronics to convert from AC to DC (generally a bridge rectifier).

There is also a different class of low voltage LED lights that do not contain a a bridge rectifier and are DC only (12V to 48V DC in general). These lights are not suitable for retrofitting to existing low voltage halogen tranformers and are not considered in this article. Generally these lights do not have a MR16 fitting and are instead sold with a compatible hard wired transformer (a LED driver).

This article looks at if existing wire wound transformers should be kept when switching to MR16 LED lighting or if a full...

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How far can I install LED tape from its LED power supply?

This depends on the voltage drop over the length of your power cable. In our testing, we’ve found that you can avoid the adverse effects of voltage drop on your light output by following these guidelines:

We have based these figures on 24-volt LED power supplies. If you’re installing a 12V LED power supply, please give us a call.

Can I connect multiple LED strips to the same LED power supply?

Yes, a single LED power supply can be connected to more than one length of LED tape. As long as the total wattage of your LED strip lights doesn’t exceed that of the LED transformer, you can wire as many separate strips as you wish.

For more info about how to wire up your LED transformer to multiple LED strips, including helpful wiring diagrams, see our LED connections support page.

Do you supply waterproof LED power supplies?

At InStyle, our range of LED power supplies...

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Look inside any kitchen, bedroom, hallway or living room, and it’s highly likely that you’ll be presented with at least one - if not a cluster - of tiny spotlights nestled neatly in the ceiling.

Spotlights have enjoyed a monumental surge in popularity in recent years, and with good reason. They’re modern, easy to replace and above all, versatile.

The key to a spotlight’s versatility lies in its colour and beam angle. Wider beam angles and warmer colours are great for ambient lighting, where the light is dispersed over a wider area. Cooler colours and narrower angles are ideal for highlighting specific fixtures or areas of a room, which is particularly useful in commercial or public settings.

What are LED spotlights?

Since its rise to prominence, LED technology has rapidly permeated almost every rung of the lighting industry, and LED alternatives to nearly every light bulb design are now widely available. Spotlights are no exception.

Put simply,...

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Retrofit MR16 LED problems revealed!

Singapore, 6th October 2012

After nearly a year of frustrating testing and researching I can finally share my findings and conclusions on why we have problems with LED MR16 retrofit lamps. The most significant problem being flickering issues when dimming and unexplainable shortened life of some of the LED lamps. Despite all the flowery marketing talk about the long life and the dimming ability of the LED lamps, the fact is that all of us lighting designers face these problems continuously.

While I initially started my investigations together with the manufacturers, it was becoming clearer and clearer that manufacturers were not totally fort right in their assessments and kept diverting the attention away from the lamp/ transformer combination. With sales of these lamps reported to be in the millions per month understandable, but not helpful. So I sought help from a professional and independent specialist body, an ODM...

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Halogen vs LED Spotlights Comparison

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Halogen vs. LED Spotlights Comparison

Notes: [*] Data taken from famous halogen manufacturer's catalogue.


Major Advantages of LED Spotlights over Halogen Spotlights Lower Heat ЎV Halogen spotlight generates excessive heat (>250ўXC) that could potentially damage objects illuminated by these sources. Obviously, these temperatures can be dangerous if the lamp comes in contact with skin or flammable materials (Rea 2000). The heat produced by halogen lamps should be accounted for when considering using them in heat-sensitive applications such as in museums or art galleries. LED based MR16 average reflector temperature is only 70ўXC.?It is safe to touch and it will not burn your fingers. Lower heat released to the room also means lesser air conditioning is needed to cool down a oom installed with LED spotlights. Thus, saving...
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Hi Brian,
Thank you for your enquiry. Are you considering LED Lamps for your bathroom? We have a good range at http://www.yourwelcome.co.uk these will save you up to 90% of your energy compared to equivalent halogen lamps. You can install mains GU10 LED lamps, no need for transformers, just ensure the metal fitting is earthed. You can install shower rated fittings, which have a safety glass in the bezel, these are necessary in Zone 1 and 2 areas, above the shower or bath and if you can touch them whilst in either, depends how high the ceiling is. Cool white colour temperature lamps work better in bathrooms as they appear brighter and are usually higher in Lumen output than warm white. 1 fitting per square metre is a good guide to coverage, unless you already have cut outs in the ceiling or it is vaulted etc..
If you have any other questions you can email me directly on mitch@yourwelcome.co.uk, anytime.


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Character Writer Penciller Release Shockwave Simon Furman Nick Roche September 2006 Shockwave, predicting the end of Cybertron, seeds prehistoric Earth with Energon. The Dynobots attack in dinosaur forms, but Shockwave defeats them,...
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Some months ago, Lux Review opened this discussion with Dimming LED lamps: the dos and don’ts. Here we delve further into the issue and look at what it means once the decision’s taken to go ahead with a dimmable LED installation.

Here are a few things that you need to avoid:

Flicker Flashing Stuttering dimming Insufficient dimming Failed LED driver Failed dimmer

These are all inconveniences that are await you should you mismatch the electronics of the LED driver and the dimmer.

Choose the dimming method first

There are thousands of different dimmable LED light fixtures on the market, but only three major types of dimming method: mains dimming, Dali or DMX. (see box, below) So choose what kind of dimming you want before you select any LED luminaires. More lighting control manufacturers are providing lists of LED products that they have tested for compatibility with their equipment and this is a very useful service to any specifier.

Don’t buy...

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Product features

1. Using ultra-bright highest level LED chips with proprietary encapsulation technology

2.Lamp shade with clear tempered glass,high light showing

3.Chip with high power ,more natural lighting

4.Lamp surface treated with anodization, corrosion-resistant, artistic appearance.

5.Comfortable visual sense, no flash, no glare, no IR radiation

6.Easy to install, environmental protection

7.Compatible with electronic transformers.

Product advantages

1.3C,CE, ROHS Certifications

2.Environmental protection and no UV or IR radiation

3.Energy-saving: saving 80% than the ordinary lamp

4.Easy to install and maintain

5.OEM,as your request to customized design

6.3 year warranty

Packaging & Shipping

1.Payment terms: 30% TT before production, full payment before delivery.


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