What the heck is the backset of this tubular latch?

Not all vacuum tubes have to be big glowing glass bottles...

To add some basic info/description, these are the 'new' tubes based on VDT's (Video Display Tubes) -- used in a variety of projection/display type electronics especially back into the 60s/70s/80s.
The engineers at KORG in Japan did the background research/re-invention of the NuTube.

These are being used in the VOX MV50 (Clean, AC, Rock) micro amps. These sport 50WRMS into 4ohm output, and have a VDT ("NuTube" preamp section) paired with a Class D power section. Small, powerful, and the ones I've heard sound pretty darn good.

Joyo's Bantamp's are essentially similar -- albeit a bit larger, use of a conventional 12ax7 in the preamp (vs the NuTube) and also offer Bluetooth and an effects...

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The valve backseat test is performed in the valve with backseat feature. The test shall be performed based on valve manufacturer approved test procedure. The requirement for the test is addressed in API Std. 598.

The backseat feature is a feature that allows valve packing being replaced while it is in the service.

The valve shall be mounted in test bench with fully opened position and valve ends closed. The packing gland shall be loose or packing not installed. The valve body shall be subjected to hydrostatic pressure, and no leak is permissible from packing and packing gland.

Valve Backseat Test Pressure

The test pressure shall not be less than 110% maximum allowable pressure at 38 °C (100 °F). For example, if you have a 900 Ib, 20 inch valve with A216 Gr. WCB material, your MAP will be 2252 psi (as per Table 2-1.1 ASME B16.34). The 110 % of this value will be 2477 psi. So your backseat test pressure will be 2477 psi.


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Well, since the beginning of the summer I have noticed that in my ejaculation I have a new visitor. I searched and searched and I did find someone else who seems to have the same problem: Jelly strings and shooting

But nobody could figure out his issue. Maybe someone can help me out now, or maybe the pics supplied can give you an idea.

When I cum, the first thing to shoot out is a stringy, gelatine substance. Is it cum? I have no clue. But it’s solidified and has a hint of yellow to it. If I don’t masturbate often, it’s in larger amounts. Maybe it has to do with vasocongestion/blue balls? Because it feels like how the tubes near my testicles feel like when I do have blue balls.

But who knows? Maybe I’m not drinking enough water? Well, I’ve read that about the density of cum but the rest of my cum is perfectly normal and the viscosity seems well. This substance doesn’t look like it can be solved by drinking more water—- But I’m going to drink more...

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I love candid moments….

Today I wanted to share with you a purely entertaining post. Yes…

It is likely you will learn nothing. It is a guarantee you will buy nothing.

You might even laugh a bit and feel like you accomplished nothing by reading this email and listening to the podcast of me and my wife hysterically laughing before having dinner… totally random. I just hit the record button… because that’s how we roll.

Your welcome.

I will not/shall not/cannot be held accountable for the brain cells lost/burned by listening to this audio.

But I CAN guarantee that my wife has an infectious laugh! I was there when it was recorded and listening to her again just makes me start laughing all over again.

Plus, I mention the details of how to get in on my new LIVE chat slash radio show (I got tired of putting the actual slash (/) symbol in so I will just start spelling them out.. close parenthesis.

Listen to today’s candid audio “I love...

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I don't know if this is where it started but this is the first thing I remember: okay so this woman was sitting in front of like a corner store selling these weird little chocolate cigarette things. I sat down and I started looking at them because they're interesting. And the woman was pretty cool so I ended up just hanging out with her for a little bit. After a while a van pulls up into a parking spot with Snoop Dogg in the back seat. I was like "ayyeee Snoop Doggy Doggg" (i had a crush on Snoop Dogg when I was little LOL) and I don't remember what happened after that but then they started driving off in the van and they were like "hurry jump in!" and I ran after it and hopped in the back. And there was this girl in the back too I guess she was around my age like 17 or 18 maybe. She had light brown hair braided on both sides of her head with cute bangs and freckles and blue eyes. For some reason we started making out and then I tried to put my hand down her pants cause I thought...

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Theon's Baptism: 'What Is Dead May Never Die' [HD]



2:8 - 265,585 views

The fantastic scene where Theon pledges his loyalty to The Iron Islands and House Greyjoy...his original family. The script is emotional, the actor's performance perfect, the music incredible and the cinematography beautiful. A truly epic scene.

"The Iron Islands. House: The Greyjoys. Words: We Do Not Sow. Famed for their skills in archery, navigation, and lovemaking.......and failed rebellions"

What Is Dead May Never Die...But Rises Again....Harder and Stronger...

From Season 2 Episode 3 titled "What Is Dead May Never Die."

Super Mario Galaxy - Luigi's Purple Coins



3:8 - 192,157 views

Toy Time Galaxy - Mission 5
Luigi's Purple Coins

Requested by DcTheLeet, Luigi now gets a piece of the action! If you thought "Mario Meets Mario" was difficult, you're in for a treat. Of course, this isn't big skill. TyndelM has...

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[Funny Man:]

Ride, slide, dipping low

Black Cadillac, on them hundred spokes

Ride, slide, smoke control

Black Cadillac, on them hundred spokes

What you gonna do when the shit goes down?

Six misfits rolling through your hometown

'Cause we ride, slide, so hit the floor

Black Cadillac, on them hundred spokes

[Johnny 3 Tears:]
When the streets grow cold and my sight turns red
Got the pistol grip-hold and a muzzle to your head
Yeah, somebody talked, yeah, somebody said
Yeah, somebody's buried, yeah, somebody's dead
We found my White Wolf stashed in my white ball cap
Got your white ball jacked and my Caddy's lab black
Got the gadgets all wrapped, devil hanging out the back
Now you're just a story on the cemetery track
We lock, and we load, we rock, and we roll
We cock, and we go, it's the Undead show
You know I mean what I say, better drop when we spray
It's too late...

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Some things just don't look like what you'd expect up close. This is one of them.

Stumped? It's the human tongue. See the full-size image below.

The human tongue is a fascinating and fairly misunderstood thing. It helps us with speech and eating and does a pretty good job at kissing. But there are some myths about it.

The tongue is sometimes called the strongest muscle in the body. While it's versatile, elastic and forceful, it's not as strong as the calf muscle, which scientists say is No. 1.

Also, the idea that the tongue has four distinct areas — sweet, sour, salty and bitter — is a myth. Even though you'll still find this represented as a tongue map in some textbooks, in fact taste receptors are spread all over your tongue.

This one is not a myth: Your tongue can get stuck to a flagpole in freezing whether. Moisture on the tongue freezes when exposed to the cold.

Hey, What the Heck, follow me on Twitter or become a fan of...

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I did it on my second attempt. Some useful tips:

1) Don't try and do curves with the scalpel without holding RB. You'll just waste time if you try it.

2) However, you should try doing straight lines with the scalpel WITHOUT pressing RB. As the lines are straight, you hopefully won't miss some parts of the line and need to backtrack yourself.

3) When putting pins in various parts of the animal, always do the pins on the left hand side LAST - in other words, when you have to put 4 pins into the animal at the beginning, do the top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left, top-left. This will save a second or two, as it will save an unecessary journey when selecting the next tool.

4) #3 also applies to when rolling back skin flaps. Do the flap on the right first, then the one on the left.

5) I didn't do this, but you may want to memorise the order of what needs to be done. That way you won't waste time waiting for the next command to appear on the screen, you...

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This is one car that never got of my mind since the time I saw it....

I don't know if anyone has covered it in earlier post do excuse me if it has been coverd earlier.......

Specs of the car.............

ENGINE: rear, longitudinal, 8 cylinder in V formation, 4 valves per cylinder, naturally aspirated, petrol direct injection Bosch-motronic.
CAPACITY: 4200 cc
MAX POWER: 380 PS (260KW) at 6400 rpm
MAX TORQUE: circa 450 Nm (45.9 Kgm) at 2700 rpm
TRANSMISSION: rear wheel drive transaxle
GEARBOX: mechanical 6-speed + reverse. Manual and electro-hydraulic steeringwheel mounted servo
CHASSIS: steel tubular with carbon fibre reinforcements and structural parts
SUSPENSION: independent front and rear wishbones
WHEELS AND TYRES: front 15in wheels with 205/45-15 tyres; rear 20in with 345/25-20 tyres
BRAKES: front and rear vented Brembo discs. Bosch servo and electronic brake distribution
BODYWORK: glass...

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The Tubular Latch is a simple closing device commonly used on internal doors where no lock is needed. The Tubular Mortice Latch is an evolution from a Mortice Lock, downsized so that it can be fitted with much less effort, and with minimal drilling and cutting to the door required.

The Tubular Latch is a very commonly used item and is a cornerstone of modern ironmongery. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and variations. Typically, it is manufactured with a mild steel latch-body with a short faceplate, a brass or steel tongue, and an 8mm follower. (The follower is the square hole where the spindle joining the door handles passes through the latch.)

Most commonly supplied with square edges to the faceplate and strikeplate, however also available with radius edges which are often preferred by the manufacturing joiners who will use a Router to pre-cut the holes in the door, for us mere mortals who use a chisel then the square edges are easier!


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Inline skating, a staple of the 1990s, maybe be poised for a comeback. PYMCA/Getty Images

Nothing screams 1995 quite like a sweet pair of Rollerblades. And the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. In fact, the apex of '90s culture may very well be the opening scene of the Power Rangers movie, in which kneepad-clad Rangers strap on their inline skates and hit the streets for a wild ride, including lots of unnecessary slo-mo flips.

If you were born after 2000, it's hard to grasp the immense popularity of inline skating. Every park and walking trail and outdoor mall was swarmed with entire families on Rollerblades. "Aggressive" inline skating was so cool that the 1998 X Games featured four inline skating events. Old-fashioned quad skates were piled up and burned by angry mobs. (OK, not quite).

By the late '90s, more than 20 million Americans were skating at least once a year, making it the fastest-growing sport in the country.

Remember roller...

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What is covfefe?

It's only the end of May, and we may well have just experienced the defining American moment of the year. It involves the "word" covfefe--along with President Trump, and social media. For a few short hours, almost the entire waking (and tweeting) population of our nation was united on one thing: finding a definition for the pseudo-word "covfefe."

Even a misspelling of covfefe started trending: "cofveve," with the "v" and the "f's" reversed.

It started just after midnight East Coast time, when President Trump took to Twitter, and left this cryptic tweet:

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe"

I'd link to the actual tweet, but (spoiler alert) it's since been deleted.

That was it--no context or completion. My guess, for what it's worth, is that Trump was trying to write the phrase "press coverage"--but then, um...I don't know. The National Security Council had an emergency meeting or he dozed off or...

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How the fuck you gon go at Papoose, sons one of the illest lyricists of ALL TIME. Son would murder any member of the Wu lyrically, and this is comin from a Wu stan, one who owns every group and solo album officially released, including the disgraceful 8 Diagrams, the same 8 Diagrams where the REAL GFK+Rae stayed in the backseat like they should have done when RZA put the joint out, but then instead of appreciating the fact RZA gave these niggas their magnum opuses (Ironman and OB4CL), respect that he produced nearly the entirety of that 8 Diagrams shit, put in more work than just throwin down a few mediocre verses and instead of interjecting their own input during the making of the album, they waited for that shit to be done, then started talking out they asses about it. Word is bon jovi, how you gon’ sit there and put Papoose, on the same page as these niggas, especially when you champion Bustah Rhymes, who aint released a dope track since Where My Money, Kanye West, who be makin...

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Caption: This public domain video shows from Industrial Boiler Rentals by WARE Inc. - minimize downtime and get your boiler rental through WARE. We will train your...

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