What to put on top of existing vinyl


First of all, I am REALLY not the manual type of guy. I am renting this place, with this flooring in the entrance and the kitchen, that is in very bad shape. It's old, very used, which males it very dirty very quickly. The owner already told me I could do what I want, that it doesn't matter since when I leave he will redo the condo to sell it...

I have 300 square feet to cover.

I was considering peel and stick tiles at first, but I hear from a lot of people that it will unpeel, and that it is not good, etc.

The cheapest tiles at Home Depot are $0.59 per square foot. They told me to apply some glue under however. Total would be under $200.

Then the owner told me to find vinyl planks. I found some, the brand is Beaulieu, it is $1.69 per square foot on sale, can be laid over the existing linoleum, no glue. Total: around $500

Then I thought about Vinyl sheets. I found some at Lowe's or Home Depot that are decently priced. I could cover everything for...

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I've had great luck with vinyl planks that are sold by Home Depot under the TrafficMASTER name (and now some other names). See: http://www.homedepot.com/b/Flooring-Vinyl-Flooring-Resilient-Flooring-Luxury-Vinyl-Planks/N-5yc1vZbzjz

It is a consumer grade of what was originally a commercial flooring. It is slightly thicker than vinyl tile or linoleum, so it doesn't significantly change the floor height (you use a matching transition strip at the edge, like at a doorway). It is like a vinyl tile with a laminate wear surface, somewhat similar to the surface of Pergo, although the woodgrain tiles have an embossed surface resembling wood. The appearance is very nice.

There are two versions. One has a pre-glued surface that bonds adjacent planks together. The other has an interlocking edge rather than glue. It can be installed on pretty much any flat surface, including vinyl tile or linoleum. It "floats" on top, there is no adhesive needed to bond it to the old floor, and...

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I have run into the same situation many times. Let me say first, that I don't condone doing work that requires permits without them, as it often leads to crappy quality or safety issues. I always prefer to do quality work, but occasionally budgets make it necessary to do a quicky fix. In your case, the most important thing is to strip away all old wax and dirt on the existing tiles. Tack down any loose tiles, especially around the edges with ring nails or a power stapler.

There are many de-waxing products and can be found at any box or hardware store. An alternative cleaner is ammonia and water. Cheap and effective, but smelly. You can also use a mix of regular bleach, TSP, and water. (BTW, never mix bleach and ammonia!!!!) Clean the existing tile with one of these products and scrub the surface well with a mesh type pad, like a 3M green scrubbie. Be sure to rinse the area well with clean water and allow to dry.

You may also consider a tile primer. This product is a...

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No. Floor leveling compound will not adhere well to the old vinyl and I don't believe it should be applied 1 and 1/2" thick because it would shrink and crack when drying. Drying time would be excessive that thick. I'm thinking it would also be a bit pricey to use so much of it. I don't know how big the area is,but if it was me I'd first mark the low and high spots all the way around the room. The old floor joist should be on 16" centers.So from the low part of the floor you need to cut long wedges (out of 2x4,or 2x6,or 2x material) that taper from 1 1/2" (Minus the thickness or the new flooring underlayment),to nothing at the lowest point in the room,fasten that down,move over 16",measure the thickness needed and repeat the process. Run the wedges the same direction and on top of the original flooring joists. Hope this helps...

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There are times when you look at the vinyl of a bathroom floor and just want to cringe. Maybe it's beginning to stick up or it was put in during the Nixon administration and looks like a psychedelic acid flashback. It's time to replace that old floor with some fancy new bathroom tile. Doing the job yourself can save $500-$1,000 in contractor costs.

Step 1 - Inspect Your Floor

Before doing anything, you need to examine the existing floor. If it's a new construction, then you can probably just lay the tile on top. If there is vinyl laminate, then you need a backer board. There are people that say that you can place tiling on top of existing vinyl if it's securely adhered and if the floor underneath is solid, but I don't agree. Why tempt fate. If the vinyl laminate has a cushioned layer of foam underneath, your tile will eventually crack. The vinyl and the cushion must be removed.

Step 2 - Ready the Room

Remove the toilet and any other items that are on...

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yeah, about the horror stories..........

there's kind of TWO very different aspects to that nightmare scenario

one, there's the Do-It-Yourself home owner with zero skills and negligible tools POUNDING his head against the wall. He has two teen age sons, his neighbors, his father-in-law and his brother-in-law all weekend they still cant chip the vinyl up with their crude technology and stone age tools.

Maybe that's a real tough floor to demo. Maybe you and the horse you rode in on don't have a clue. No one but a pro on his hands and knees actually tearing into that floor will know.

So then that leads to situation #2. Even with all the experience on the face of the earth and all 21rst century technology has to offer flooring demolition can be one of the most STUPID, FILTHY, PAINFUL, FRUSTRATING, TIME CONSUMING ordeals you will ever experience in your life.

I only know this because when I did my first flooring...

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on top of something

1. Fig. up-to-date on something; knowing about the current state of something. Ask Mary. She's on top of this issue. This issue is constantly changing. She has to pay attention to it to stay on top of things.

2. Fig. in addition to something. Jane told Bill he was dull. On top of that, she said he was unfriendly. On top of being dull, he's unfriendly.

3. Fig. victorious over something; famous or notorious for something. It was a close game, but the home team came out on top. Bill is on top in his field.

on top of something

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on top of something

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Vinyl flooring is a durable substance that is capable of taking a huge beating. Vinyl flooring does not crack as easily as...

Laminate flooring makes an ideal choice to put over linoleum tile. As long as the existing flooring is in good shape, laying...

Rubberized rug backing prevents the rug from moving when someone walks on the rug. This is a safety innovation that reduces the...

Painted vinyl and linoleum rugs follow a long tradition of using extra existing or used materials in new ways. Waste is a...

A throw rug is usually intended to protect a vinyl floor, so the appearance of an ugly stain under the throw rug...

An area rug brings warmth to a room with ceramic tile flooring. Be sure the pad is thick enough to prevent...

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Removing Linoleum Floor to Install Hardwood Flooring

I would like to remove the linoleum floor installed in our kitchen so I can install hardwood flooring instead. Do you have any suggestions as to how I should go about removing the linoleum floor? The house was built in 1985 so there shouldn't be any danger of asbestos.

Having just removed one in my house to put down ceramic tile, I can tell you it is a bear. So, tell me, why do you need to remove it if you are putting down hardwood floor? The hardwood flooring can nail right through it. Is there a reason you want it removed? For the tile I wanted the mastic to stick to the plywood.

What I did, by the way, was just tons of grunt labor, I didn't have asbestos in mine either, but let me tell you, there was dust. So, wear a dust mask and ventilate the room real well. (a fan in an open window blowing out in the kitchen with a window cracked in an enjoining room)

I ripped it up, folding it as I went...

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Vinyl is coming back in a big way.

Record sales in the first half of 2015 grew by 52%, putting the industry on course for its best year since 1994. And vinyl sales in the US are now worth more than the free music services The End of Free Music: Should Spotify Make Everyone Pay? from Spotify, YouTube, and Vevo combined.

Meanwhile, the argument rages on about whether vinyl is superior 4 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Better Than Digital to digital, or not Forget Vinyl: 4 Reasons Digital Is Superior .

If you’re ready to join the new listening revolution, you’ll need to buy a turntable. But where do you start? There’s an almost unlimited number of products to choose from, with prices ranging from the tens of dollars to the thousands.

Here’s what you need to know about buying a record player.

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For almost has as long as I've been blogging on Silhouette tutorials, I've been getting asked the question: "How do you put vinyl on tumblers and cups straight?"

Since I know you're all dying to know - and I am finally comfortable and confident in my own right - (I have struggled with this as I know many of you have as well) I am ready to share a few tips on what has worked for me. Plus I'm going to give you all a really handy cut file to help you get that vinyl straight no matter where it's being placed on a tumbler.

So the first thing we need to talk about is why vinyl doesn't go on straight when applied to


tumblers. You can blame the conical shape - being wider at the top than the bottom - for your troubles.

When trying to apply a straight line of text to a conical shape it will naturally curve up as shown in the bottom example below. You can see that if the design is created in a perfectly straight line, when applied the ends will be...

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Choose a concrete mix with the right aggregate for the job. Aggregate is an additive - usually sand or stone - added to the cement mix to make it cheaper. For a very thin coat, you should choose a small aggregate. Larger aggregates cannot be used in thin coats.


Prepare the existing concrete. To prepare the existing concrete, clean and roughen the current surface before you begin any other steps. You can use a chemical concrete product that will accomplish both of these goals at the same time.


Saturate the existing surface. Soaking the existing concrete will make it unable to absorb liquid from the new concrete. Failing to follow this step can create a poor bond between the new and existing concrete.


Prime the concrete. Make a water concrete mix that is thinner than the package directions. A viscosity similar to paint will work well. Use a stiff brush to apply it to the existing concrete. This step is not a...

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Hello jojopal,

Thanks for your question, although I wish it wasn't for issues regarding your Allure Ultra :smileysad:

In the other thread where you wrote the same experience with your new flooring, community member Maximillian gave you a few questions regarding the how and where of what is going on with your Allure Ultra floors.

If you read the steps I prescribed in the same thread above your response, we can find out what maybe the culprit of this issue. The #1 area I see of any flooring fail, not just Allure Ultra, is the basement area. But with any room and any new floor, you'll need to prepare the area and read the manufacturers install instructions and follow them as close as possible.

Please let us know on this thread or the other one on just how and where the floor was installed, and we can further assist you.

Hope to hear from you...

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I do this for a living Bill and I have been installing ceramic floors for over 20 years - and to be point blank ~ It is highly not recommended Bill, your taking your chances and I have seen massive problems from clients that I have acquired- they hired someone that installed it wright over the vinyl flooring with disastrous results after a short time, tile popping up, grout cracking , tiles cracking ~ just as the mastic product said~per their instructions. What a manufacturer tells you is another story, the roofing nails is a case in point- I never use them, I have witnessed problems with this type of installation as well ~ I have lost just a few jobs because the client wanted to skip the backer board installation - I will not install ceramic tile/stone/marble over a vinyl floor- I am more concerned about the job being done correctly and with attention to detail ~ period! read this and maybe you will have a different opinion....
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At one time I was thinking of using the vinyl planks in my living room, which has a stairway connected. I am pretty sure I read where someone tried to use the vinyl on stairs and it did not hold.

I ended up using hardwood for my living room, but I didn't want to spend $100 per stair to put wood on my stairs, which will have a runner on them anyway.

I have seen quite a few stories on the Net where people painted their stairs, so I tried it. I am amazed at how well the paint is holding up. I'd procrastinating with putting down a runner, because I love how easy it is to clean the wooden stairs.

The Benjamin Moore floor paint was $65-$75 a gallon. BUT, it dried to the touch in about an hour,it is especially made for floors, and a gallon goes a long way because it is very thin.

Unfortunately I had to paint my stairs during a week when there were extra people and a lot of activity in my house. So I would put a coat on at night and first thing in the morning...

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Since the industry has shifted from traditional beatmatching to an ensemble of MIDI controllers and synced devices, the art of mixing by ear seems to be a thing of the past and thats not ok. In this article, Markos Polydorou will explain some of the benefits of learning how to DJ the traditional way.

By no means is it an article to bash computer based mixing, but more so an idea to learning the art of DJing properly and evolving from the basic foundations that our forefathers laid out for us. I believe that even if you are already mixing with a laptop and a few controllers, you should spend sometime learning your way around a turntable or two. You never know when it will come in handy!

Technology in the DJ market has evolved a lot over the last decade. Back in 2005, Pioneer CDJ 1000’s were the industry standard and scratching CD’s like vinyl was the biggest technological advancement in the world of DJ products. DJs were still carrying around crates but instead of...

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Basil Bunni: Thanks for the video, but i have a question: can we set our new tiles on the top of the old ones if the are the same size... i mean just follow the old edges?? and stick the new ones on them..?
Than you

ERVARGAS NYC: Thanks for the video, Awesome Tips. I have floors that have Vinyl tiles , and would like to put some Traffic Masters Over the Existing Vinyl Flooring, Would Liquid Nails adhesive be and overkill ? The floor is slightly uneven in some areas, Would it matter much if I place new tiles over uneven ones? If not how would I be able to fix it? Thanks for your video and Tips :o)

liisuxyz: What if the old tile flooring is not leveled like the one you are using? Should I re-grout between tiles to make it even?

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Can I lay ceramic tile over vinyl tile in my kitchen? I really don’t want to pull up the vinyl. -Linda

Hi Linda,

We receive more questions about tiling over an existing floor than any other. It seems like everyone wants to know what to do when they replace the floor in their kitchen or bath.

If the existing vinyl floor was installed over concrete and is glued down firmly, you should be able to tile right over it without any problem. Scrub the floor first to remove any dirt and grease then apply a bed of thin-set mortar and tile.

If the vinyl was applied over a wood subfloor, you should install 1/2” thick cement backer board on top of it first, using corrosion resistant screws driven into the floor joists. Another option to backer board on wood floors is one of the new polyethylene membranes such as Schluter®-DITRA. At only 1/8” thick, it can shave 3/8” off the finished thickness of your floor if height is a problem.

You can also tile...

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Video Transcript

Hey, it's Mr. Tile.
Now are you --
I'm here. Good to see you again.
Thank you.
I'm all ready for you over here. You're looking good.
Thank you, Ron. I made the mock up for you.
You know, when you called me and said you had a way of putting ceramic tile directly on top of vinyl I said, I've got to see this.
Well Ron, I'm here to prove it to you today.
Now you were here a while back. You showed us how to put ceramic tile on top of plastic laminate, a countertop in that case. Now this is a similar process, but in this case, we're putting it over a vinyl floor.
Regardless of the surface, Ron, as long as it comes from a tree or it's made by man, regardless of what it is, except carpeting or upholstering the human body, we can tile on it.

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Vinyl tile comes in two forms. One requires adhesive, very much like ceramic tiles do. The other, which is referred to as “peel-and-stick,” comes with self-adhesive backing. Both are inexpensive and simple choices for redoing a kitchen floor, especially when it is not possible to remove the existing vinyl flooring because of safety issues. From the 1930s to the mid-1970s vinyl flooring contained asbestos, which is not safe for you to remove yourself. Fortunately, it is not difficult to install vinyl tile over your vinyl floor as long as you prepare the existing floor properly.


Putting down an underlayment is possibly the simplest way to prepare an existing vinyl floor for vinyl tiles. Underlayment is basically very thin plywood, and it is available at home improvement and flooring stores. Remove your baseboards and doors and cover the entire floor with sheets of underlayment to give your vinyl tiles a smooth and flawless surface they can adhere to. Roll...

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