What type of air filters are these? Are they any good?


No they are not. But you wonder why. Well, simple, you need a very strong Electric Motor to compress the intake air to at least 2 or more PSI. Less than that is same as nothing pretty much.
To compress air is easy, but once the engine start working, it actually sucks air, as it works like a pump (an air pump), so you need a fan that can overcome the negative pressure in the manifold (the sucking) and be able to add pressure on top to raise it to at least 2 or 3 psi minimum to see a notisable power increase.
Such an electric motor would probably cost at least 500 to 1000 dollars and it would drain your electric system in 1 second. And you would need a lot of space to put such a big motor under the hood.
Based on that, compare it to the cheap little fan they are selling to you and you tell me if is good or not...

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Air filters are devices that remove particles, such as dust and dirt, form the air. Applications that require high air quality or are air-sensitive often use air filters. However, because application requirements vary there are several types of filtration methods available. Ionic, HEPA, carbon, and UV light air filters are commonly used in the industrial, commercial, and medical sectors.

Ionic Air Filters

Also called air ionizers, ionic air filters rely on voltage to charge air molecules. Typically, they produce negatively charged ions, also called anions, which then attract particles in the air, in much the same way as static electricity. As the particles make contact with the anions, they are deionized and removed from the air stream. Ionic air filters are commonly used in commercial air filtration.

HEPA Air Filters

HEPA (high efficiency particulate absorbing) filters are stronger and more effective than ionic air filters, and are therefore...

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There's a bewildering range of different filter types out there and it's easy to get confused. We have done the homework for you and simplified the process so you can make the right choice.

First things first: Economy fiberglass filters compared to pleated filters.

There really is no comparison to be made. Cheap fiberglass filters are usually sold in multi-packs for a few bucks and, in this case you definitely get what you pay for... very little quality. They are not efficient for two reasons.

The relatively open weave of the fiberglass mesh does not filter out much dirt at all and the micro-particles and contaminates present in your home just get sucked through the filter and into your HVAC system. Over time, the inside components of your HVAC equipment and the air ducts get coated with crud and your system can't work at peak efficiency. This means higher energy bills and expensive sanitizing and repair bills.

In short, this cheap type of filter doesn't...

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Where Do You Buy Your AC Filters From?

Buying online can save you time money and gas. We specialize in custom hard to find sizes. We can custom make any size air conditioning filter you are looking for, in a verity of different brands to choose from, like Glasfloss, Trane, Carrier, Flanders, and Purolator.

Do You Always See A Lot of Dust in the House?

Is your air conditioner or furnace unit over 10 years old? What type of AC or Furnace filter do I need for my unit?

We recommend our Glasfloss Polyester blend, flat panel - non-pleated filter - Merv 5-6. This filter has a honeycomb mesh on both sides of the filter to keep it sturdy. This filter allows for better airflow and higher filtration than a pleated filter, ultimately doing a better job for the air conditioning or furnace system.

Are More People Ordering Products Online?

Yes! More people are ordering products and services online because they know they can save time, money and gas,...
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Are you thinking of buying a machine that will help you improve your indoor air? Maybe you are trying to decide whether to purchase an air purifier or an air cleaner machine. Both items can help enhance your indoor air. Of course, your specific needs determine which product is the best for you. In this article, Air Purifiers vs. Air Cleaners: What are the Differences?, we outline what makes each of them different to help you choose the one that is best for you.

The truth is that air purifiers and air cleaners work in similar ways. They are used to eliminate contaminants in your home air. Because of their similar functions, it is difficult to differentiate both machines. To help distinguish them, we must first understand the kind of pollutants that they trap.

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Air Purifier vs. Air Cleaner: Contaminants

Both air cleaners and air purifiers can catch some of the smallest contaminants in the air. Both products can help...

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Air purifiers, are they any good and how do I know which one to buy? Anyone know the "real" deal on these things?

I recently adopted two cats and I have minor allergies to cats. Also, am pretty allergic to dust and mold. I also have mild asthma. My boyfriend has the dust and mold allergies and moderate asthma.

We are looking to buy an air purifier to help reduce allergens, however it is overwhelming to try and understand what type of air purifier to get. I don't understand this carbon thing and some are class II certified and some are $800 and some are $150 amd some have replacement HEPA filters at $80 and some for $200. Does anyone actually know the real difference and what key things to look for? I am about to just vacuum more often and be done with it. We have hot water heat in radiators so at least we don't have forced hot air, but we are in on the second floor of an old house that seems to get a lot of dust. Also, with the cats has come the litter, which I think...

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There are various different types of filters present in your car, and each one does a different job. As the name suggests, a car filter is there to filter the physical elements that are present in the gases or fluids entering the vehicle or passing through the internal parts, such as oil and fuel filters.

Car filters are essential to the operation of the car and they allow you to filter the impurities that can come from outside of the engine and thus, they extend the life of your car. In vehicles, there are several types of filters:

Air filter

The engine air filter in your car is there to clean the air that enters the engine for combustion. There are different types of air filters for cars:they can be made from paper, foam and even cotton. The good working condition of each filter depends on the material. A filter in good working condition ensures air going into the engine does not contain abrasive particles. This means combustion takes place in the best...

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How do you choose an air filter?

If you’re like many homeowners, you simply go to the hardware store and pick whichever filter fits your return air duct. But while this method saves you time in the store, it may not save you money or improve your health; ill-fitting, overly restrictive, or inefficient filters can run up your energy bill and produce poor air quality in your home. With a little education, you can make more discriminating choices.

Before you choose an air filter, you need to learn about Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings. MERV ratings tell you the effectiveness of your air filter. They are measures of the number of particles a filter can trap as compared to the total number of particles it’s trying to filter. That may sound complicated, but it just means that if you put two air filters in the same room, the one that traps fewer particles has a lower MERV rating than the other.

It seems like knowing MERV ratings would make...

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With air being one of two vital ingredients for effective internal combustion, it’s easy to visualise that a larger volume entering the engine equates to a more powerful combustion cycle. The next step in ensuring performance is increasing the cleanliness of the incoming air. Ambient air is often full of unwanted contaminants that only decrease the efficiency of ignition. To the rescue comes the air filter, which uses meshed material to impede the air entering the airbox, stopping any foreign bodies from entering the cylinders.

In most cars, cheap and disposable paper filters are used which are made up of compacted wood pulp bonded together to form a mesh of natural fibres. To produce an effective level of filtration, paper air filters are often bulky in size or are particularly dense in terms of fibre construction. Although this format is more than capable of initially filtering inlet air, flow restriction can become an issue. The more material that the air has to make its...

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The filter is the most important component of a respirator. The quality of air that gets into your lung is determined by the quality of the filter, provided there is a good seal between the mask and your face.

The design of Totobobo mask makes it quite easy to replace the filter with any flat, air permeable material. It is tempting to use a “filter look-a-like” such as cotton wool or a piece of felt to replace the used filters. Does it work? I am interested to find out how effective these different alternatives are.

A Dylos laser particle counter is used to collect objective data. The particle counter is affordable and performs consistently. I’m using the Pro version which is able to detect two fine particle sizes: 0.5 and 2.5 microns. The particle counter has an air-inlet and a exhaust vent. Air drawn into the counter goes through a passage and there is a laser diode and an optical counter along the air passage. If the air inlet is covered by a piece of filter, air...

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Air Conditioning Filters:

Filter in Comfort, Filter Out Cost

Air Filtration Types Installation

The single most important thing you can do to keep your air conditioning and heating system working efficiently is to make sure the air filter is matched to the unit and is clean.

Air filters can also provide other benefits such as cleaner air and reduced allergy symptoms.

Air Filtration:

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Function - Originally the primary purpose of air filters was to keep system components (blower and evaporator coil) clean. Clean air to breathe was a fringe benefit. Now, more attention is given to cleaning the air we breathe.

Condition - A dirty filter or a filter that is too small can have many negative effects:

Increased blower power consumption. Reduced cooling or heating. Compressor Failure. Result-higher cost, shorter equipment life.

How Often to Clean or Replace?

This can vary greatly. It can range from one to two months for most...

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Air pollution causes about 200,000 early deaths a year in the U.S., according to research from MIT. It’s also been linked to negative effects for the children of pregnant mothers, like pre-term births, asthma and autism.

Consider the other health hazards associated with breathing in everything from household cleaning products to furniture flame retardants, and buying an air purifier seems like a no-brainer. Indeed, experts say certain kinds can be very helpful. But when it comes to one popular type of purifier—so-called “ionizers”—the risks may outweigh the rewards.

“Ionizers generate negative air ions, which attract dust and allergens and other positively charged airborne particles and basically lock them in,” says Namni Goel, a research associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. In a study published in the journal Psychological Medicine, Goel and colleagues found that breathing air cleaned with negative ions could relieve symptoms of depression. (There’s...

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Facility managers and HVAC contractors are challenged by increased “green” building trends and energy conservation incentives. A simple way to help achieve good indoor air quality and equipment protection air filtration, we well as green initiatives is by using permanent washable air filters. A washable electrostatic filter offers you the least cost over useful life and an environmentally friendly air filtration solution.

Permatron Air Filters Have A Proven History

Since 1957, Permatron has been designing and manufacturing washable electrostatic air filters for industrial and commercial use. From the paper mills on the west coast to textile mills on the east coast, Permatron Model IN with our exclusive Accumulator Chamber® construction is the original industrial workhorse of permanent, washable electrostatic air filtration. Arguably the best and the oldest washable commercial industrial air filter available today.

Electrostatic Air Filters for Commercial...

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