Where can I find drawings of a mobile home's construction?


I bought my very first trailer/mobile home last August. I've never lived in one, never spent significant time in one, know less than nothing about them. That said, I have a doublewide 90 Commodore. Not sure of the exact model. I'd just like to find some information on how trailers are made, what's behind the walls, etc.

My entire 20 year construction background is on wood-studded homes. I'm completely out of my element. I've checked the homeowner's manual and installation manuals, Googled, checked YouTube, but nothing tells me what's behind the walls, without having to take them all down. I would like, at the very least, information on stud types and locations. Is it not standard to have them set 18"OC? I'm really clueless here. Any help whatsoever would be...

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The quality--and longevity--of a mobile has a lot to do with it’s price when originally constructed. A budget model will only meet minimum HUD standards and, generally, a more expensive model will have better quality materials and construction details. In other words, if the original owner bought a premium line of mobile home, it will likely be sturdier and last longer. Budget models can begin to show signs of deterioration within 10 years if poorly maintained.

At an intuitive level, most people can tell a budget model from a premium one. The basic mobile homes look bare-bones and are never confused with a site-built home. The mid-range are still clearly mobile homes, but have a more house-like proportion and detailing, while the premium models can sometimes be mistaken for a site-built home.

Many of the details of superior construction are hidden within the floor, walls, and ceiling of the home, like the R-value of the insulation and size and spacing...

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Having done both and having lived in 3, I suggest certainly you can get books and advice from major Home stores, but it might be to your advantage in time, energy, and monetary expense to consider wrought iron, pre made, specific to mobiles.

A Porch is another matter, and certainly may need permits?

An easy method I use often is concrete footers, poured into 2 ft deep holes, then Pier Block (Adjustable bracket type) 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 treated lumber for the framework, 4 x 4 treated lumber for the supports, and either the 5/8,,, 7/8,,, or 2 x material for the deck itself.
Depending on the total size, and the weight load, I usually do "joists" 24 inches on center, with bracing perpendicular at 24 inches as well. I use carriage bolts to secure all the framework, and perhaps galvanized "hangers", and galvanized decking screws of an appropriate length to secure the decking material.
I also "Treat" after the fact with something like "Thompsons".


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Look for new and used mobile homes.

You can purchase a new mobile home from a mobile home company, or you can purchase a used mobile home. Buying a used mobile home can be much more affordable, but you have to do your research in inspecting the home to make sure you are getting a quality home. New or used, you need to research the conditions of the floors, walls, roof, plumbing, and the bottom of the home.

[1]Make sure a used home will pass all of the necessary codes in your area. You can find out the building codes in your area by contacting your local government’s building division. If you’re buying new, check to make sure you’re buying from a reputable company that sells homes compliant with local building...
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Timesaver is something that comes closest to your requirement but the question is unanswerable in a nutshell.
Interior designing is a vast field and involves many disciplines and agencies as you are perhaps aware of since you are looking for 'more' details.
There is no one source that gives you all the information about materials and construction methods. It's nigh impossible to create such an epic encyclopedia. With the number of materials, construction methods and innovative minds around the possibilities and combinations are infinite.

Keep doing RnD and build a library. Keep adding to it as you go and you will have a wealth of knowledge you can fall back on when needed professionally.
My 10 year old library has more than 50000 images and docs about designing.
Do keep in mind that all this data is useless without application, and the only way to apply is to work.

Hope my answer...

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Also referred to as a “trailer,” a “mini home,” or a “caravan” in Europe, a mobile home is a manufactured home which may be transported via tractor-trailer. Mobile homes are most commonly found in campsites or mobile home parks. The same companies which sell mobile homes will often own nearby campsites or mobile home parks, and may only permit buyers or renters of their homes to lease their lot space. Mobile home residents can also place their home on their own private land.

The mobile home design derived from the travel trailer, which is a small trailer hitched to the rear of a vehicle and most often used for camping. To that effect, the first mobile homes were promoted as the perfect housing solution for those who loved to travel. During the 1950s, however, mobile homes became most commonly used as inexpensive housing units, as they could be made permanently stationary with the installation of a masonry foundation. In the mid-1950s, the 10-foot-wide (3.05 m), also known as...

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Complete and accurate building plans can make the difference between a successful remodeling project and one that breaks the bank. These plans alert designers and contractors to the location of existing walls, wiring and other systems within your home. Knowing where these objects are located ahead of time helps your designer or builder plan the project around these components. A well-crafted set of plans can help reduce the risk of costly errors during construction, and may even shorten your project schedule.

Contact your local permit agency or records office. Often these agencies store copies of building plans for decades after the structure has been built. Ask what information you need to supply in order to obtain copies of existing blueprints. Provide the required forms and information, and pick up a copy of your plans. Visit permitplace.com for a list of permit agencies in your state (see Resources).

Visit the local planning or zoning office if it operates...

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Hey Guys

Thanks a lot I really appreciate all the imput,

I was planning on going over there today and check out the underside of the trailer, the Park Manager told us the pipes froze cause the last owners didn't tell the Park they were moving out so water didn't get shut off. oh well I have all kinds of pex tubing left from a job I did last year, I also planned on taking the skirting off and building 2x4 framing and then cover it with OSB then put skirting and put foam board on the inside of these walls, The trailer only cost us $500 and our lot payment will be $300 a month plus utilies. I have to say it's better then the $1,029.00 bucks Bank of America wants for house payments(when they use to be $344.00 a month) oh plus $14k they want from me. They told me my house is only worth $20k when in 2006 it was worth $149k so I told them that's what they are going to get since they want to steal my house from me.(they still have not produced a DEED) I am clearing this...

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