Where to start when standing oscillating fan motor wont turn on?


The easiest component to test is the switch, but the most likely to fail is the capacitor, which is that thing on the right with the purple wires. Your motor looks like a simple induction type. Do a web search on "why does my motor have a capacitor" and you'll know as much as I do.

Here are some tests you can try.

Spin the shaft by hand (You've already done this, haven't you?) If the bearings are seized you can probably get it to run by cleaning and lubricating but my experience is that cheap motors never last long after this.

Turn the fan on and spin the shaft by hand. If the motor starts then the capacitor is bad. Replacing this part is dead simple but finding the replacement is an exercise in industrial engineering. It's a great learning experience, especially if you want to continue fixing stuff.

For the following test you'll have to cut some wires.

Isolate the switch and test it for continuity with your ohmmeter. This is great fun with a...

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Turn the fan to the on position and feel the motor casing. Is there any vibration at all? If not, refer to your operating manual to see if there's a fuse that can be replaced. Spare fuses are sometimes attached to the cord. Also try slightly spreading the 2 prongs that conduct electricity through the wall socket for good contact.

If you DO feel vibrating, try a maintenence cleaning and lubrication with either Graphite powder, 3 in 1 machine oil or WD40. I will take you through the steps:
1) unplug the fan
2) there will either be flip releases or notches to slightly pry loose the protective fan SCREEN blade housing. Pop this off and clean + dry it, set aside.
3) With fan blaeds exposed, look at the very center of the blades. There will be a large plastic nut that turns counter closkwise to release the fan blades. Do this, clean blades with warm soapy water. Rinse, dry and set aside.
Behind this will be another large plastic nut that releases the back side...

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1 Answer

Remington Hedge Wizard - driver/oscillator assembly broken - motor turns blades do not oscuillate

Hello There, blades oscillating are usually controlled by the motor. When the motor is rolling then the fan not oscillating is usually a minor problem. Usually the blades are connected to the motor using a rod which is directly connected to the blades.
If the oscillator assembly is faulty this could need replacement of a part. And this would require expert help. Which part exactly is broken? How well can you handle mechanical assembly parts? i could try to get you an assembly guide to help determine which part is faulty exactly but i need to know the above.
Hoping to hear from you soonest.
Thank you for visiting FixYa.

Aug 01, 2011 | Remington...

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I'm new to this forum after I found a thread on google referring to this forum.

It was about a guy who had something blocking his fan from spinning itself.


Laptop: HP Pavilion g7 2027eo
My problem is that my fan won't spin unless I help it spin.

I removed the keyboard, got my mastercard card and pushed it in the spin direction, and voila it started spinning.

My thoughts is that there is something in the way of the fan that keeps the fan from starting to spin.

Also, something to notice, is that when I push the plastic case down with my finger, (where the fan is located underneath), I can hear it touching the fan.

I am unsure of what's going on really. I removed the keyboard, case, and motherboard, to successfully clean it with compressed air, though this did not help at all.
I couldn't see something OBVIOUS object in the way of the fan, but I might be wrong here, I don't know how the fan should look like.

When I...

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You need to change your fan's bushings. Bushings hold the armature centered on the core winding of the motor. When one or both bushings are worn out, applying power on the motor will pull the armature to one side and cling to the core winding instead of making the armature turn. When the fan is "off", there is no magnetic field on the core so the armature is loose so you can easily turn it. To see if your bushings are worn out, take off the fan blade by removing the knob in front of the blade, turn it clockwise. When the knob is out, pull the fan blade off the armature shaft. Then hold the exposed armature shaft with your hand and try to move it vertically and horizontally. When you feel a movement, your bushings need...

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We all like to joke about IT support telling us to 'turn it off and on again', but it's not much of a joke when your machine won't turn on at all. In this tutorial we look at the steps you need to take to fix your Mac if it won't start up. Also see: How to fix a Mac

While Macs are well-built and for the most part reliable, they are computers nonetheless and, like all computers, they are susceptible to a number of errors that stop them from booting up correctly, and they aren't always due to user error.

Note that regardless of the versions shown in the screenshots, the fixes in this article apply to most reasonably recent versions of macOS, including Mac OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra, and we would expect them to work on macOS High Sierra too. The menus and interfaces you'll see may look slightly different but the functions should be essentially the same. Read next: How to fix a Mac with a flashing question mark

We also have a complete guide to fixing some of...

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Most people tend to panic when faced with a computer that won't start, worried that all their precious data is gone forever.

It's true that the most common reason a computer won't start is because a piece of hardware has failed or is causing a problem, but that hardware isn't usually a hard drive, the part of your computer that stores all of your files.

In other words, your music, documents, emails, and videos are probably safe... they're just not accessible at the moment.

So take a deep breath and try to relax. There's a good chance you can figure out exactly why your computer won't start and then get it back up and running.

Don't Want to Fix This Yourself?

See How Do I Get My Computer Fixed? for a full list of your support options, plus help with everything along the way like figuring out repair costs, getting your files off, choosing a repair service, and a whole lot more. Here is information on repair...

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Because they did test the starter this way, and it cranked the engine then this would only leave the EWS or the ignition switch as the problem. The EWS is the most likely failure as I have not seen any ignition switch failures yet on a mini myself.

The EWS is actually the starter relay as I suspected. There is no separate relay. This is for theft protection and it works really well as you can tell :)

I have a diagram for you so you can see what I mean. To correct this issue, you will need to have the EWS replaced and programmed. At that time it will have to also be re-aligned after programming using a BMW scan tool. Unfortunately this is not a repair that can be performed at home as programming and aligning cannot be skipped for this to work correctly.

The diagram is below. Please accept and please let me know if I can try to help you further. Thank...

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Problem solved ( I think )

I plugged the connector that came with the motors into the sanguinololu board using the middle four wires and everything turns and steps... Whew... At Last

The only problem now seems to be that the driver chips get too hot to touch after a short while driving the motors.

I have fitted the little heatsinks that came with the board but they too get very hot.

I haven't wired up as per nopheads link yet so will try that and see how that affects the heat situation.

Straight out of the box they are wired left to right with wires facing you as follows...
Black, red, yellow, blue, orange, white.

Red and black are crossed over before they connect to the circuit board as are white and orange.

The 2 middle wires, yellow and blue, remain in line.

The curious thing is that it doesn't make any difference whether I plug the connector upside down or the right way up.
The motors still run and...

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Did you ever consider those wonderful days when your car won’t start? If you left your lights, radio, or some other electrical gizmo on after you parked the car, you know what the trouble is: Your battery is dead. Of course, there are other possible reasons that your car won’t start.

Won’t-start symptoms

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The car is silent when you turn the key in the ignition. Check the battery terminal cable connections. (See How to Check Your Car Battery.) If they look very corroded, force the point of a screwdriver (with an insulated or wooden handle) between the connector and the terminal post and twist it to lodge it firmly. Then try to start the engine. If it starts, you need to clean or replace your cables. The car makes a clicking noise but won’t start. This sound usually means a dead battery. If...
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Fans offer an economical alternative to central air-conditioning. On a warm day, fans circulate air within a home, especially if equipped with an oscillating feature. An oscillating fan moves the fan head from side to side in a slow motion, forcing more air circulation within the immediate area. However, the mechanical nature of the oscillating feature can fail and stop turning.

Type of Oscillating Fans

A tower fan is a narrow, vertical fan assembly. Its design is meant for small spaces. A spinning internal tube within the middle forces air out the front grates, creating the air movement. A pedestal fan is a traditionally designed fan head. A thin, vertical support extends from the base. The support attaches to a large, circular fan head enclosed within two connected grates. Desktop and table fans also have the same fan head shape as the pedestal type, but on a smaller scale for comfortable spacing on a work desk.

Fan Mechanical Failures

Each fan uses...

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Hey Esk8,

So I recently been having troubles with my board and have been spending lots of time trying to fix it.
So right now I have reached an Issue that I can't solve.

120a 6s FVT ESC
5055 280KV motor Torque boards
2x 3s 5000mah batteries running in series

So when I was programming my ESC with a programming card everything was going smooth. I was able to change the settings, The motor would twitch whenever I updated something and looked like there was no problem. However when I tried to test out the motor it wouldn't work. Normally I would hear the beep confirmation when the motor would turn on although this time no motor beep. My GT2B is connected, ESC just arrived from the mail, Batteries are all balanced, motor seems totally fine and checked all the wires. I have no clue whats wrong.

If anyone could help me it would be awesome...

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