Which pipe to use to top-up refrigerant in a freezer?

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You can put a refrigerator in a garage, but it will probably use a lot more energy during hot summer months, and it may have some problems in the coldest months. Refrigerators aren't manufactured to be used in these high or low climates and a garage kit will be needed. During hot weather, if the garage temperature climbs significantly higher than room temperature, your refrigerator will eat up a lot more energy than it would in the house. For instance, compared with a fridge sitting in a 70-degree climate, a fridge in an 80-degree climate will use 22 to 25 percent more energy, and a fridge in a 90-degree climate will use 45 to 50 percent more energy.

During cold weather, if the garage temperature drops below about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the thermostat on the fridge may not function properly—that is, it may not run its cooling and defrost cycles for the appropriate amount of time. Also, since refrigerators have no warming capacity, food in a fridge that sits in...

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If your refrigerator has ice build up on the inside, here are a few things you can check yourself to fix the issue. A common cause for ice buildup is a faulty door seal. If a refrigerator has a bad door seal, the outside air will pass into the fridge and cause the ice build up problem you are experiencing. Another cause for this could be that the door hinges are loose or not attached properly leading to outside air entering your fridge/freezer. Check to be sure the door hinges are tight and are attached and aligned properly.

Some other simple things you can do to try and remedy this issue are easy to try yourself. You can try moving the refrigerator away from the wall a little bit more to give it extra room for the air to circulate. The heat from the compressor should have sufficient room to dissipate. If the refrigerator is too close to the wall problems will occur.

Another solution may be to clean the vents on the back or below the fridge as they can be...

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Refrigerant piping or suction line ice & frost formation diagnosis & cure: refrigerant line frost cause & remedy.

This air conditioning repair article series discusses evaporator coil icing: the problems of ice and frost formation in air conditioning system air handler units, blower units, or AHU's, duct work, or other air conditioning system components. A freezing or frosted A/C coil blocks air flow and leads to loss of cooling.

The air conditioning system evaporator coil and problems of frost build-up on the air conditioning coil are explained and diagnosed here Our page top photograph of a thoroughly ice-blocked air conditioner evaporator coil was contributed by a reader who described: "I cleaned the coils & installed a new filter - obviously I have a low refrigerant problem. This is an 11 year old furnace/air handler...

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The present invention relates to a car air conditioner with a freezer/refrigerator which is assisted by an air conditioning system driven by the engine of a car to chill or freeze food and drink or to make ice.

Wagons are used as leisure vehicles in accordance with various purposes. When a driver wishes to travel a long distance or go on a camping tour by a wagon, he generally carries food and beverages in the car. Usually, it is desired to keep the food and beverages cold. Further, icing as well as freeze storage of food are required.


It is therefore, an object of the present invention to provide a freezer/refrigerator system which is to be installed in a vehicle and which has an ice-making function and a cold storage function for food and beverages to be stored therein.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a freezer/refrigerator system which is driven by the engine of a vehicle and...

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Warning!!! Check your countrys refrigerant handling rules before you attempt this.

If you live in Australia only attempt this if you are an Air con mechanic or Car mechanic with a refrigerant handling license .

If not you can make a system out of a water pump instead.

This Is a guide on how to make a Freezer box powered by a fridge compressor .

This system uses The very basic must have components of a fridge .

Compressor : To pump the refrigerant around the system

Heat Exchangers : These copper coils are used to rejected heat at the condenser and absorb heat and the evaporator

Metering device : This Is a must have component , to meter the liquid refrigerant into the evap coil and to created a pressure drop...

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