Why are 120v coming out of my light switch plate screws?


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That's a good question!

It would be interesting to see statistics on how many people have been shocked per year for specific things like from switches or from metal wall plates attached to the switches.

Also what the specific situation was. Perhaps you need a certain set of circumstances before the problem has happened, like a metal wall plate rather than plastic AND metal electrical box AND hot wire in electrical box touching metal electrical box.

Or perhaps in rare situations an electrical switch can malfunction / break and an internal spring can connect the metal part of the switch with hot?

Or perhaps a kid sticking an ice pick type object into the switch?

I suppose someone might have had a plastic wall plate and touched the metal screws and been shocked?

Then I once was watching a "decorate your home" type show and they showed how you can "fix up" your electrical wall plates by removing them, then covering them with a thin copper sheet. They...

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You're going to drill a hole in the light switch, so if it is still in use, you'd better take it out. Turn off the circuit that includes this switch at the circuit breaker. This is an absolute must. Really bad things will happen to you if you don't do this first.

Remove the light switch plate cover thingy. Remove the light switch. Disconnect the wires, but remember where they go before you do.

Drill a hole in the switch that is slightly larger than the diameter of the coat hanger wire, just like the bead. You can do it either top-to-bottom or side-to-side. I've done both, and side-to-side worked a little better for me.

Reconnect the wires to the same points. Reinstall the light switch. Replace the light switch plate cover thingy.

You may now turn the circuit back...

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Fix a Bathroom Light Fixture
Electrical Question: How can I fix a bathroom light and fan that stopped working?

Bathroom Light Fixture Problem #1

I have a 1975 townhouse, and as a single mom I find myself having to learn and do a lot of things by myself. My daughter’s bathroom has both a fan and light switch (single-pole wall switch). The fan was not working so I thought I would replace the switch for the fan. I had forgot to turn off the power at the electrical panel and there was just a little spark–I know, Be Careful. Well now the fan works, but the light does not. The two slot receptacle (15 amps, 120 volts) works, but it also affected the light in my bathroom and the GFCI receptacle. I have aluminum wiring and if there is a overload it trips, but I know it is not the fuse because everything else is working. I have been researching I think it has to do with the GFCI am I on the right track?

Background: Ingrid, a Homeowner from Virginia Beach,...

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On 10/20/2010 7:09 AM, ShadowTek wrote:

Look for 'thermostat tamper guard' or 'switch tamper guard' online. These are the clear plastic boxes like over classroom thermostats. They sell many sizes and shapes, and they aren't terribly expensive. Just find a style with a 2-position lock or a removable lock cylinder, so you don't have to mess with hunting for a key. Being clear, they won't look TOO industrial, but they will get the message across.

Or you could easily make your own- a scrap of plexi with polished edges big enough to cover the switch plate, a 'picture frame' rectangle of hardwood with an opening the same size and the appropriate finish to go with the trim in the room, and a metal or plastic piano hinge in the appropriate color to hold the the top edge of the plexi so it falls shut when not in use. If you make it so the plexi sits in a rabbit, you may want a knob or finger hole to aid in opening it. If you don't want to mess with the piano hinge, and...

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WARNING! I am not a professional electrician. I actually was a licensed residential contractor, but that was 25 years ago. Furthermore, I am not aware of all the various electrical codes around the country. This page merely conveys the way I do things in my own shop, which may be horribly wrong and result in my eventual injury or death! If you base your wiring plan on this information, you should have a professional electrician at least review it before installation. Your building inspector would probably catch any mistakes, but it's better to install it right that have to re-do it. Uh, you ARE getting a building permit, right?

OK, now we have that warning out of the way. Seriously, folks, I really don't know all the ins and outs of wiring. I just know what I think I know and so far it works.

I'm assuming that you're already somewhat familiar with electrical wiring, this is not an absolute beginner's course. I assume you know how to open up your panel box, pop in a...

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My THOR 250 Powered SKYMAX PPG Quad Parts of this web site were last updated on November 3rd 2017; thanks for visiting! The most recent updates and modifications are at the bottom of this page.



This is Bruce Stenulson just after landing on 08-27-2017 after flying from South of Fairplay , flying over Georgia Pass, then returning over Hoosier Pass. This is my Polini THOR 250 powered PPG Quad, flying up to 15,029 feet ASL so far and flying cross-country flights of up to 67 miles.

I had flown my 'Bluehawk' PPG trike since 2013- primarily flying in Arizona's deserts at roughly 1800' ASL. That trike is set up with a HIRTH F33 engine which is rated to produce up to 28HP at sea level. The Bluehawk trike is a heavier build on a Flexfoil Kitebuggy under-carriage, built with 3/4" heavy walled ChroMoly steel tubing,...
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3a. When Things Don't Work: Power-On LED Flashes (Non-Working CPU), Corrupt Memory.

A concept transplanted from the earlier and very successful Bally "-35" CPU board was the power-on LED flashes. The new 6803 CPU board also had power-on flashes to diagnose problems with the board. This power-on flash concept stayed until Escape from Lost World, Blackwater 100, Truckstop and Atlantis, when Bally took a step back. Instead of doing the power-on flashes, these games had one faint flicker at power-on if the CPU board passed power-on diagnostics. If the board found a problem, then the flash sequence starts.

CPU LED Flash Overview by Game.

Beat the Clock: 8 LED flashes (No U2 ROM). Motordome: 9 LED flashes. Strange Science: 9 LED flashes. Heavy Metal Meltdown: 9 LED flashes. Blackwater 100: No LED flashes. Escape from Lost World: No LED flashes. Eight Ball Champ: 8 LED flashes (no U2 ROM).
Fuse FU5 removed - 6 flashes
Fuse FU4 removed - 7 flashes


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Please see below.

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