Why are many shower hoses “explosion proof”?


I noticed that many shower hoses are advertised as "explosion proof". Since I have never seen a shower head with a tap on it, I'd think the hose has to withstand only a fraction of the pressure that the regular plumbing would be required to withstand. Off course it has to be allot more flexible, but "explosion proof" seems to me quite an exaggeration.

Even if a shower head clogs up to the extent that the pipe would burst, it would not be called an explosion would it? My guess is that this is a marketing thing that has been copied by different brands and merely means that the pipe will not bust in the way a balloon would.

Is there any rational reason or circumstance where one should prefer an "explosion proof" hose instead of one that has no mention on the package of being "explosion...

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360 degree rotation interface effectively anti winding.
Strandard G1/2 interface that suit for most shower head.
Advanced PVC material with high gloss, good resilience, flexibility, tractility and it can effectively prevent baterium and anti incrustation scale.
The hose is combined with 5 layers and the middle part is explosion-proof mesh and the double end is fix and squeeze by machine to make sure anti leaking.

Brand: KCASA™
Material: PVC hose/ copper interface
Length: about 1.2m/47.2"
Water joint: about G1/2
Thickness of the hose: about 3mm/0.12"
Tensibility: about 60 to 80kg
Water pressure: 12kg to 20kg
Temperature resistance: less than 65 degree celsius
Feature: five layer anti burst, temperature resistance, anti winding, germproof
360 degree rotation interface

Package Included:
1x PVC explosion-proof shower hose

Detail Pictures:

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Seller: poweritems (4,488) 96.4%, Location: Hongkong, Ships to: AU, NZ, Item: 112198149074 Free Delivery within 14-60 working days E-Mail Support Monday-Friday Reliable service fast response eBay-Profile Store Feedbacks Contact Click on the image below to get zoomed view of the Item KCASA™ 1.2m PVC Explosion-proof Bathroom Shower Hose Anti-wrap Waterpipe High Temperature Resistance Please note: All of our products are NEW & unused. Photos are only for reference, not all variations might be available! Some could be manufactured without a sealing or shrink wrap. Please take your time and read everything before you place your order! Product description Description: 360 degree rotation interface effectively anti winding. Strandard G1/2 interface that suit for most shower head. Advanced PVC material with high gloss, good resilience, flexibility, tractility and it can effectively...

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Dust ignition-proof can mean two things: That only the device used to power the unit will not generate a spark to ignite dust, such as an explosion-proof motor or a venturi on an air vac, or that the entire vacuum needs to be built so that there is no possibility of generating a spark from both internal and external sources. That said, all air vacs are dust ignition proof at the venturi, but not necessarily so inside the vacuum where clouds of combustible dust accumulate. Those clouds can be ignited if a metal object, like a nut, bolt, washer, scrap, etc. impacts the inside of a steel drum or any metal component inside the vacuum (filter caps, metal rings, steel intakes, etc.) unless the inside of the vacuum has been made to prevent this from happening. Even if the vacuum is grounded, a piece of metal sucked into the vacuum can generate a spark and ignite the dust...

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Most leaks occur without surfacing. Many that do "show" will surface a distance away from where the leak is. In most areas of the USA, the water lines are run 2-4 feet below the surface, depending on the temperature extremes. Call a reputable leak detection company. The price for this varies from region to region. In Cincinnati, for example, the going rate is $350. The process is somewhat involved, but includes adding nitrogen or compressed air to your system, then listening to your line to find the leak. Then, they'll double check those results by adding helium and tracing it with an electronic helium detector. If you have an interior leak, the process is more involved as you are working with a concrete...

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What causes low water pressure in my shower?

Low water pressure usually results when you've been forced to turn on two different plumbing fixtures at the same time, whether they are the outside garden hose, the kitchen/bathroom sink, the toilet, or even the shower. Although your water pressure may be sufficient when only one fixture is operational, you'll definitely notice a drop in water flow when the second fixture comes into use.

In most cases low water pressure affects you in many other areas around the house. If low water pressure is affecting only your shower head, you should check for an obstruction in the shower head or see if your shower head has a water conservation filter installed.

Otherwise when demand for water is high (such as in the morning or early evenings) pressure can be lower than during the rest of the day. There can also be problems during dry spells when people use hosepipes or sprinklers to water their gardens.

Other causes of...

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As far as I am concerned, it’s not enough to use toilet paper to clean your butt after bowl movement. And the bidets could be a better choice for everyone. And KCASA has tried its best to provide you the best kitchen and bathroom gadgets. And here are some KCASA bidets that are hot-selling on Banggood 10th anniversary.

KCASA™ Hand Held Bidet Shower Kitchen Bathroom Hygeian Faucet Toilet Seat Cleaning Bidet Sprayer

The nozzle of this bidet has 7 holes and a copper spool build in and it can provide three different water flows, mild, medium and large mode. When you push the switch with your thumb, the water flow will change according to your thumb until you find the most suitable water flow mode.

Check Here: Hand Held Bidet

KCASA™ Double Switch Toilet Seat Bidet Shower Cleaning Bidet Sprayer Bathroom Kitchen Hygeian Faucet

A bidet is a plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and...

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Window unit, LG. 8,000 It was spitting water 3 feet out. Making a terrible, constant noise. Wasn't cooling....The Problem was built up debris inside the fan housing.Not easy to see, because it's caked on the sides where the fan has been pushing it. Plus loose leaves, small sticks,etc...Cleaned that out. Works like new. You'll have to take it out of the window and take off the housing case to get to the fan housing inside.But it's worth the effort. Runs like new. Mine is two years old. But under some pretty messy crepe myrtles.I May put some screen over the top to keep debris from fall in. Finally, quiet and cold. Thought I'd never get here. I got rid of one doing the same thing. Now I've taught myself something. Remember to unplug it before you do anything. And you enter at your own...

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For starters, I want to mention that the thing is excellently manufactured. At these times it’s not easy to find something of suitable quality for such a low price. The material is good and strong so in my opinion the product can serve you long enough. Personally I consider it one of the most important traits in products of this kind. On the web, often there are lots of products for a considerable price but the quality often turns out to be so so. In that context, it’s pointless keeping in mind its price.

I should also say that the the stuff is really comfortable. In my judgment, this trait is one of the first things take into consideration. I once happened to order something good but what turned out to be too inconvenient to use.

Many people also pay attention to the appearance of the item. I think many people would agree, the given merchandise looks good though I’m not so good at this.

In contrast with other similar things I came across on...

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Manufacturer of Explosion-Proof Sewer Pipe, Stainless Steel Coil for Shower Hose Material, Cold Rolled S/S Coil With 201material (thickness: 0.21MM /width: 100MM) , Stainless Steel Coil With 0.08mm-200mm Thickness

We are a manufactory who is specializing in all kinds of shower hose, flexible hose, flexible braided hose, and stainless steel band.

Our product are produced under strict quality control. We have many machines including metal hose shaped machines of brass double-interlock, SS double-interlock, and SS single-interlock machines and also have assembly line to produce hundreds of types of hoses for supplying customers with different demands

Star on going -growing and development in con formance with our policy of " quality first, reputation first, service satisfation "

We guaranteed products a


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In such some wiring places as the steel, colliery, petroleum, chemical industry etc. , which the environment is abominable (there is a large amount of dust or may exist flammable and explosive gas) . In order to make the electric circuit get reliable protection, our company produces the explosion-proof hose of various kinds of specifications, adopt the sleeve pipe produced without competition and explosion-proof fittings to connect and manufacture. The hoses are with characteristics of excellent quality, strong construction, beautiful appearance and easy to use, long-lived and safe and reliable, it is the anti-blast & flexible metal hose for electrical wire & cable of new generation that is protected and managed.

This product has passed the authentication of the anti-blast, flexible metal hose for electrical protection of power wire & cable, number of certification: 2063002. This product is suitable for the explosive gas environment and dust place, wiring pass in...

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“They don’t need a bath every day,” my friend Debbie informed me shortly after we moved to Deutschland with two young children in tow. She referred me to a bit of German wisdom about bathing frequency, suggesting that babies and young children need to be thrown in the tub only once or twice a week. My American husband — known to shower twice a day — was horrified, but I kowtowed to peer pressure and hid the bubble bath.

The water bills plummeted, no one got sick or lice and my youngest, who had suffered from a bit of eczema, stopped developing her itchy rash. Recently, Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf urged us to take showers instead of baths, for water conservation reasons. While it’s unclear which uses more water (so much depends on water pressure), one thing is certain: We’d save even more if we just hung up the towel. Why not just turn off the tap?

Americans, while perhaps the cleanest, are the worst offenders.

When it comes to water consumption, some of us...

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If you take a shower in the morning instead of at night, you’re doing it all wrong. If you’re fancy, and take a shower in the morning and at night, then stop reading this, because it doesn’t concern you. And this isn’t about afternoon showering either, because if you just had a hellish soccer practice or wrestled a rotten pumpkin, you should shower regardless of the time.

We want to talk to those lunatics who think taking a shower in the morning is better than taking a shower at night. What’s your problem? Why would you want to shower in the morning? Night showers are better, and we have 15 reasons that prove it.

1. It saves time in the morning. And you can use this extra time to sleep longer, finish homework, bake a ham for breakfast, or take a quick trip to the aquarium to watch the dolphins wake up (they're so cute when they’re groggy).

2. Night showers are relaxing and they help ease your mind, resulting in lovely dreams of ice cream rivers and trains that...

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HafcoVac Explosion-Proof Vacuum Cleaners are ATEX Certified safe for use in hazardous locations as part of a combustible dust control program and are suitable for many flammable and combustible materials. Our vacuums are certified under the ATEX directive that the European Union uses as a standard. These standards contain the standards for of equipment approved for use in explosive atmospheres.

When working with combustible dusts, flammable substances or materials with a tendency to build static electricity during conveyance, it is strongly recommended to choose our explosion-proof option when ordering. Our systems have no motors to arc or moving parts that can create friction or sparks. HafcoVacs are non-electric, explosion-proof vacuums that are a safe, reliable and cost effective solution for your business.

HafcoVac Certified Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaners bond all components of the vacuum together, ensuring no part is left isolated from its path to...

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Ways to help the environment

While this material can be useful, plastic pollution is the leading type of discarded material. Invented in 1907 by Leo Baekeland in New York, He developed the process to make plastic for the masses, then in 1947 the plastic bottle made it's debut.

Give $5.00 help somone pick up plastic bottles RIGHT NOW!

This brings us to 2015 and our short and simple list explaining 6 reasons why plastic is bad for the environment TWEET and giving our two cents on what we can do in our own little way.

1. The obvious one - There is a lot of it.

According to a study by the Ocean Conservatory in 2015, plastic bags came in second to discarded cigarette butts as the most-identified type of refuse aka TRASH.

2. Rampant waste.

Items like plastic packaging, bags and bottles are thrown away every day, and end up in trash sites as well as in forests, creeks, rivers, seas, and oceans around the world. While some of these...

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To understand what is meant by explosion proof, we must look at the context of the term and the organization that defined it. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) began publishing the National Electric Code (NEC®) in 1897. The NEC® is also known as NFPA 70 and ANSI/NFPA 70 from its inclusion in the body of NFPA codes.

The NEC® includes definitions for several types of protection techniques acceptable when designing products for use in hazardous (classified) locations: Explosion proof, dust ignition proof, dust tight, purged/pressurized, intrinsically safe, and hermetically sealed. These definitions set the criteria that must be met by all components installed in hazardous (classified) locations.

To meet the criteria for the explosion proof rating, an enclosure must be able to contain any explosion originating within its housing and prevent sparks from within its housing from igniting vapors, gases, dust, or fibers in the air surrounding it. Therefore,...

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Q: I’m a grower not a shower. When hard, my penis isn’t huge and it’s big enough to get the job done, but when I’m not hard it’s pretty small…like really small. This dilemma makes me extremely nervous and shy about having sex with girls for the first time, and the simple solution would be to not let girls see my dick when it’s not hard…but sometimes a girl’s touch is required to get it hard in the first place. Do you have any tips for dealing with this situation?

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The amount, location and uses of pumps onboard a boat can be staggering at times. A modern 43' powerboat may have more than a dozen pumps. Go2marine carries a massive selection of boat pumps for most applications.

3 - Bilge pumps in the engine room, mid-bilge, and forward 3 - Engine cooling pumps for generator and main engines 2 - Shower sump pumps 1 - Wash down pump for the anchor 1 - Fuel transfer pump for main tank(s) to generator tank 1 - Live well pump 1 (or 2) - Fresh water pumps 2 - Macerator waste pumps

Diaphragm Pumps:

These pumps are a positive displacement pump. The term diaphragm refers the membrane over the chamber. The internal design is a chamber with an entry and exit that have one way valves on them. As the membrane is flexed outward, the chambers volume is increased, drawing in the liquid through the valved entry. When the membrane is flexed in, the chamber volume is reduced and expels the water out of the valved exit....

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Sourcing Guide for Flexible Hose:

As an online chemical database of China Chemicals and Chemical Suppliers, our website provides the chemical community with the most competitive promotion prices on the market by connecting chemical buyers directly with chemical manufacturers in china. Buyers can post inquiries without registration and check out all the latest buying guide & Chemical market reports you need in our industry resource center. The above is the search results for Flexible Hose, click for more recommended manufacturers & suppliers listings such as high pressure hose, hose, water hose. The global chemicals industry faces economic and environmental pressures, that's why many of our suppliers like Flexible Hose factory are always innovating to provide more effective, environmentally sustainable, and safer solutions. Search our chemical catalog and find your chemical...

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Knowing that nothing lasts forever, and things fall apart, you’ll eventually want to consider trim kits, valves, and other parts. You may also want to change out parts that have become dated or when you are looking to completely overhaul your shower. Read more +

DecorPlanet.com has many different ways to increase the options you have when it comes to the way your shower or bath looks and functions. Thermostatic valves with volume control, diverters, and handles don’t come in a one- size-fits-all package, because no two people want their showers to look or feel the same. Spout connectors, valve sets, hoses, mounting kits, and outlets are also available so that your shower or bath not only works, but works well. Kits and parts come in a variety of packages and pricing options. Finding the right one for your bathroom is up to your own stylistic and functional needs. Read less...

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