Why does my electric shower still have water coming out even though it's switched off?


by Chris Woodford. Last updated: September 25, 2017.

Are you a shower person or a bath person? Do you like to feel pulsing jets of water blasting your dirty skin clean? Or do you prefer to laze luxuriously in the tub until the water turns cold? If you wash for less than five minutes and your shower has a modern, low-flow head, you'll save over 50 gallons of water and a huge amount of energy compared to taking a full bath. Saving hot water with a shower helps to cut your energy bills and it's a simple thing you can do to fight global warming. Sounds good? Let's take a closer look at how showers work!

Photo: A simple Mira electric shower. There are two controls for adjusting the temperature. The upper dial sets the temperature broadly as high, medium, or low. Once you've set the temperature roughly, the lower dial lets you fine tune to get the water exactly as hot as you want it.

How do mixer showers work?

The simplest showers are called mixer...

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Is an electric shower safe to use? How to fix an electric shower which delivers water at fluctuating temperatures? The electric shower is becoming increasingly popular because it can provide an endless supply of hot water since it works independently of the main heating system. Since the shower head has its own heating circuit many users are concerned about safety aspects. For more information on electric showers, how safe they are and how to troubleshoot their problems, ask an Expert. Read below for some questions put to Experts and their replies.

How safe is an electric shower head?

Provided they are correctly installed, electric shower heads are extremely safe and extensively used. When considering installing one first make sure the current electric supply is reliable and adequately matched to meet the energy needs of the shower. Also ensure that there is an adequate supply of water or else the unit will shut down. Select a unit which matches the water pressure...

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Getting hot water everywhere else but the shower? Little hot water pressure in shower & almost no hot water in laundry? Before I go ask my neighbor what he has done to my pipes, I am asking everyone here if there could be something else. The shower fitted to my bath taps has no hot water coming through shower only cold, hot water comes out of taps ok for bath. Showers and Tubs I unscrewed the on off handle for the shower to make sure that looseness was not a problem. I Getting Hot Water Everywhere But the Shower? Hi all, I need some advice, our ensuite has no hot water coming out, its got a mixer shower unit. ... complained that she did not have any hot water Does any hot water come out when you hold the shower head as low as it will stretch? The water heater appears to be fine. Terry Love Plumbing & Remodel DIY & Professional Forum. ... How to repair no enough hot water in the shower - Duration: 5:18. Hi guys, So one problem after another, I dont ever recall the...

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When I stepped in the shower for the first time in Ecuador I was shocked to see wires coming out of the shower head! I could not believe what I was seeing! My whole life I was taught that electricity and water make a deadly mix.

I didn’t know if I should turn it on or not. I called Bryan over to take a look and see what he thought. We determined that it must be OK because the wires were coming out of the top where we thought (and hoped) the water could not reach them. So I held my breath and started the electric shower.

As I think about that now, I can’t help but smile. I took a shower every day for more than a year with that type of a set up and thought nothing of it. It did take a little getting used to because there was a bit of a trick to it.

If the water flow was too fast the shower would be cold, the flow had to be started slowly and then left to warm up. Then the flow could be gradually increased until it was coming out reasonable fast and warm at the...

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All the caulk in the world may not prevent your shower and glass door enclosure from leaking.

In fact, caulk can make it worse.

I have done posts in the past about not caulking the connection where tile shower and/or tub enclosure meets the tub or the one-piece shower base.

In the following picture one can see a typical tile shower and its one-piece plastic base.

These types of shower assemblies are very common in modern construction and perform very well when installed properly.

While I don’t want to get too technical, suffice it to say that if the connection is caulked, any moisture that eventually finds its way through the grout lines (and some will over time) will not have a route of escape. The moisture is then trapped behind the tile.

This results in unsightly mold growth behind the caulk around the base of the shower (or tub) and in many cases will result in the water being directed “outside” the shower where it can find its way into...

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Chapter Text

(This story is dedicated to a dear friend who helped me when I had a horrible migraine. Thanks to thee!!)

Part 1

Yugi walked downstairs into the kitchen, his face pale, one hand clenched over his left eye. "Grandpa, can I please stay home from school today? My head hurts a lot."

"Yugi, is everything alright?" he asked his grandson, concerned.

"I think it's a migraine. It really hurts right here, behind my eyes. It feels better when I put pressure on it, somehow. I don't think I'm really up to going to school today. I just want to go back to bed." Yugi took out a bowl and poured himself some cereal and milk, eating it slowly. He looked tired, and Grandpa suspected that the headache had kept him awake all night.

"I believe you, Yugi. But if you're going to stay home, you have to stay in bed," Grandpa decided.

"Thanks a lot. I was going to anyway." He poked a spoon into his cereal mush, then finished...

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Al Graham's house is nearly a quarter kilometre from a bend in the Thames River, but that didn't stop water from lapping at his doorstep when the swollen waterway burst its banks this week.

"An inch higher and we would have really been in trouble," he said of the worst flooding southwestern Ontario has seen in a decade.

In fact, it was during the last big flood in 2009, when Graham learned he can't rely on chance alone to keep his house dry.

"At that time, I lost my furnace, hot water heater, washer dryer and I had a faulty sump pump, but I know now that a sump pump would never keep up with it," he said.

Three pumps to keep the water out

A makeshift dyke made of sand outside of Al Graham's house in Delaware kept the water from getting past this door. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

So, when the river began to burst its banks on Monday, Graham wasn't going to take any chances. He went to the local hardware store and bought a gasoline-powered...

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Photo courtesy of Sebastian Ortiz.
Original image http://www.flickr.com/photos/36243949@N07/5731248736/ " data-medium-file="https://sciencemia.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/shower-singing1.jpg?w=300&h=244" data-large-file="https://sciencemia.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/shower-singing1.jpg?w=500" src="https://sciencemia.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/shower-singing1.jpg?w=300&h=244" srcset="https://sciencemia.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/shower-singing1.jpg?w=300&h=244 300w, https://sciencemia.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/shower-singing1.jpg?w=600&h=488 600w, https://sciencemia.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/shower-singing1.jpg?w=150&h=122 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px">

Singing in the shower: One of the great joys of life, shortly before watching trashy tv but after seeing puppies being confused by their own tails. Photo courtesy of Sebastian Ortiz

Hi, my name’s Caitlin and I’m a shower singer. Well, let’s be honest, I sing a lot, and not necessarily very well, but...

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Weather in the UK

For a country so far north, the UK has mild weather in comparison to other countries that share similar latitudes. This is due to warm currents of water that are ( CONTINUAL ) pushed up from the central Atlantic Ocean and around the British Isles.

And, because it is located in a northern part of the globe and benefits from ( COAST ) breezes, it never really gets too hot, either. In fact, the warmest UK temperature on record is 38.5 degrees Celsius, recorded in Kent, England.

This makes for an interesting climate, as the UK is sandwiched between warm and cool air masses. As a result, the skies can be quite cloudy and there is often an ( ABSENT ) of direct sunlight
throughout the year.

Still, the milder weather, abundant rainfall, and fairly gentle landscape allow for a great deal of livestock farming and crop ( PRODUCE ).

While snow falls in Scotland and ( MOUNTAIN ) areas on around 40-50 days per year, the south west of...

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A lot of people think when they turn off an electrical appliance that it doesn’t use any power. Time to think again, most electrical devices in your home still use electricity while turned off! Crazy! Some appliances never actually turn off, they are still consuming power in a standby power mode. Some electrical appliances in your home aren’t in a standby power mode, but still consume power because the way their power supplies are built. This is called many things, vampire energy, phantom energy, electricity leak, or leaking electricity. Continue reading this go green tip to learn how you can save electricity and save money!

What Electrical Appliances Still Use Electricity When Turned Off

Any electrical device that has an external power supply connected to it will still use electricity while powered off. Such as cellphone chargers, computer speakers, any of those electrical devices with a cubed power supply on it. Also any electrical appliances that have a clock,...

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Constant hot water, constant savings

I lived in Costa Rica for a year, and while travelling there I discovered the electric shower head, a great way to save energy on hot water. If you live in North America you have probably not heard of these marvelous inventions, unless you live in a mobile home, or are at the cutting edge of energy efficiency. What are they?

An electric shower head heats ambient-temperature water to a comfortable shower temperature as it is coming out the shower head. This means you don’t need to keep a tank of water hot just so you can take a shower. Or, if you live in a cooler climate, you don’t have to keep your water as hot for other uses.

A comfortable shower temperature is usually slightly warmer than body temperature – about 38 to 42C, or 100 to 108F. If you’re a devoted energy conserver, there aren’t a lot of other household hot water uses that require that hot a temperature. In fact you can do pretty much everything else in cold...

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My girlfriend asked me this question this morning and since I explained it to her, I though why not write an article and explain to everyone of you about why does USA/UK use 110/120V and others use 220/240V.

United States distribution system actually provides a 240 volt residential service in the form of two 120 volt conductors and a neutral conductor. You can see this if you look inside your breaker panel.
When a load is applied from either 120 volt conductor to the neutral (as is the case for typical receptacles, lights, and so forth) it is using 120 volts.
However, when a load is applied from one 120 volt conductor to the other, without using the neutral, the voltage being used is the sum of both 120 volt conductors (240 volts). This is the case for many water heaters, air conditioners, electric furnaces, clothes dryers, and so forth.

So equipment that is connected to strictly 240 volts is connected with only a two wire cable plus a safety ground...

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