Why does my hot water heater flame and pilot go out?

If the pilot always relights, then I doubt that you have a bad thermocouple. when a thermocouple goes bad, you usually can't relight the pilot. Another common thermocouple problem is a loose connection where the wire attaches to the control. Make sure the small nut holding the wire in is tight. Do not overtighten the nut! Finger tight then about 1/4 turn is tight enough. If you can turn the nut with your fingers, it needs to be tightened.

Try this. With the burner on, reach up and feel around the draft diverter. That's the little tin piece on top of the wtr htr that holds the vent pipe on top. Hold your hand near the opening and see if you can feel any heat coming out of the opening. You should not feel any heat coming from under the draft diverter. If there is heat pouring out of the opening, you may have a blocked flue pipe or rain cap on the roof. This can cause the burnt fumes from the burner to back up inside the wtr htr, and smother the pilot light when the burner goes...

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The hot water heater is one appliance that we often take for granted. When you hop in the shower or in the bathtub you expect that when you turn the nozzle to “hot”, you’ll get hot water. For some homeowners, the water comes out cold because, quite simply, the water heater is completely off. Hot water heaters go off for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common reasons we find is the pilot light simply won’t stay on.

What is a Pilot Light?

First and foremost, a pilot light is the small gas flame that is the source of power for your gas burner. When the light goes out, your water heater goes out, which is what makes this component so vital to your everyday life. Similarly, if your vehicle runs out of gas, it turns off.

Lighting the Pilot Light

Your pilot light is easily accessible and can be lit with any lighter or match. Because the openings in hot water heaters’ size and depth vary, it’s best to use a long lighter. First thing’s first, make...

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There’s nothing worse than having to take a cold shower, because your hot water heater pilot light keeps going out. Not only does this leave your household in an uncomfortable situation, it also adds more stress to your busy life. When your pilot light keeps going out on your water heater, follow these easy tips, so you can get back to your normal routine.

What does the pilot light do?

Not everyone is experienced with hot water heaters, so if you’re unsure as to what in fact a pilot light does, it’s important to get that established. The pilot light is the tiny, gas flame that is responsible for providing power to your gas hot water heater. If the pilot light on your water heater keeps going out, then you can expect no hot water for your household. This is why when your hot water heater pilot light keeps going out, you should fix it right away. Just remember to turn off the gas before you start.

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Getting the cold shoulder from your shower? You’ve discovered it’s because your water heater’s pilot light has gone out…again. You keep lighting it, but it does not want to stay lit.

So what’s the problem?

There are two common sources.

1) Problems with the thermocouple

Usually, a problem with the thermocouple causes the pilot light to go out.

The thermocouple is the small copper rod that the pilot light hits. The thermocouple’s job is to shut a gas safety valve if the pilot light goes out.

That’s important because gas is always being supplied to the pilot to keep the flame lit. But if the pilot flame goes out, then the gas would still be released. After a while, the gas could collect in your home and become a health hazard.

However, if there’s an issue with the thermocouple, the safety valve will shut even if the flame is still lit.

By the way, Mr. Plumber will always come out and re-light your pilot for free. Use the...

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Whoops, I misread. Installed six years ago, I see. Sorry about that.

So this heater has a pilot light that is always on (at least it's supposed to be), but has it's own built -in BBQ-clicker to re-light it?

If so, then there probably is still a thermocouple, to make sure the gas to the pilot light gets shut off off if the pilot light goes out. And if the thermocouple is slowly failing, it might be hard to re-light the pilot (because you need to get the cranky thermocouple extra hot to keep the gas flowing to the pilot).

The other option is, as mentioned, that something has changed to get wind coming in at a slightly different angle or something, but my guess is the...

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Why does my gas water heater's pilot light go out when I replace the outer door? The pilot light on my A.O. The pilot light keeps going out.? It always starts right back up, and heats the water up just fine. The most likely culprit in the case of a pilot light continually extinguishing itself ... a gas heater that hangs on a wall. If you have an older model furnace or water heater that uses natural gas, ... the gas would keep coming out of the pilot light tube. The first and most likely reason why you water heater pilot light keeps going out is because of a broken or misplaced thermocouple. My gas heater won't stay lit. My wife called her dad and he said, "Replace the thermocouple." Why does my pilot light keep going out? The pilot light on my A.O. Its frustrating, especially in the frigid Kansas City area winters. Dirty Pilot Light and Insufficient Flame. my hot water heater pilot light keeps going out. So she replaced the thermocouple. Why does my pilot light...

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Thermocouples are safety devices that shut off the gas supply to the water heater if they cannot detect heat from a pilot light. If the pilot light is out of adjustment or the thermocouple is faulty, it closes a valve to prevent unburned gas from filling the home.

If the homeowner has not serviced the water heater, carbon builds up around the gas opening for the pilot light. The carbon makes it difficult for the flame to burn. Eventually, it shuts off the gas flow, and the pilot light is no longer hot enough to warm the thermocouple or able to receive enough gas to stay lit.

With natural gas, pipelines provide an uninterrupted flow of gas to the appliance. With liquefied petroleum gas, a truck delivers more fuel to the tank in the yard. If the truck does not make the delivery soon enough, the tank runs out of fuel. While there is sometimes enough fuel in the lines to light the pilot, the pressure is so low that it goes out again quickly.

Learn more about Heating &...
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pilot light keeps going out on water heater
I was told to change the thermocouple. WARNING: DO NOT SET VALVE TO A,B,C, or VERY HOT! Normally, if the pilot light is going out on a furnace, then the most likely cause is the THERMOCOUPLE. Why does the pilot light on my hot water heater keep going out? Vent Free Gas Heater Support; ... My pilot light keeps going out. My pilot keeps going out. If the pilot light is going out on a water heater Comfort Pro Heating & Air Conditioning. I could light the pilot and the water heater would burn for 20 minutes or so and shut off. then i The pilot light on my A.O. ... by a pilot light. If the water heater pilot light is out, ... 6 Reasons Why a Water Heater Pilot Light Won't ... a problem with the main control valve can cause a pilot light to go out. My wife called her dad and he said, "Replace the thermocouple." Theres nothing worse than having to take a cold shower, because your hot water heater pilot light keeps going out. Normally, if...

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I'm having some issues out of my Rheem water heater. On some gas furnaces and heaters, a plug-type door covers the pilot light assembly. But first, some words of caution: --Don't relight the pilot light if there is a strong gas odor. If you have an older model furnace or water heater that uses ... You may even have been able to experience the thrill of relighting the pilot light when it goes out. Unless its been turned off for some reason, ... Common Water Heater Problems. Pilot in gas water heater still goes out after replacing thermocouple. My water heater pilot light went out one day, and I had to figure out how to fix it. It may be as simple as lighting it again. Q: The pilot light on my gas water heater, up in the attic, keeps going out. If for some reason the pilot light goes out the thermocouple will cool ... How to re-light your furnace pilot light . There is nothing more frustrating when trying to run a hot bath than when your water heater keeps turning off. If your gas...

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Gas hot water heater pilot light goes out randomly. [Plumbing] Water heater pilot goes out when windy. ... only happens on very windy days? I recently had A/C coil replaced and a couple of days after that the heater did not work. Looking for suggestions. Why Does My Water Heater Pilot Light Go Out? My gas water pilot light went out twice this month and I ... off gas when the pilot goes out? Turned out that the thermalcouple went bad, and had to replace it. Why does my hot water tank pilot blow out on windy days? Can anyone please help? Wind blows out pilot light. My 3 month old water heater goes out - the flame gets blown out by the wind - on windy days, some days a few times a day and I have to re-lit the pilot. Boiler pilot light keeps going out. Have a weird issue that is really getting to me. ... kicks of the pilot light goes out. ... how to keep the pilot light running on even on windy days? If these are new fireplaces, and you don't smell gas, you're fine....

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My electric hot water heater has a pressure relief valve screwed in at the top and a long copper tube that extends from it down to a drain pan at the floor. UL listed product. Why Would a Hot Water Heater Keep Going Out? Common Water Heater ... or running out of hot water too soon include not ... far from the hot water heater. This tutorial describes how to troubleshoot and replace heating elements in an electric water heater. ... the water on. The average lifespan for a hot water heater is ten ... mean that your water heater is on its way out. EcoSmart Self Modulating Electric Tankless Water Heater provides endless hot water on demand and only as needed. I'd see what happens when the hot water heater pilot light is on and the clothes dryer and/or ... Rheem water heater pilot keeps going out This tutorial describes how to troubleshoot and repair a tank type electric hot water heater ... water. - SF Gate Why Would a Hot Water Heater Keep Going Out? Why does the...

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How to Light a Water Heater. Doing this starts the flow of gas into the tube that supplies the pilot light. I have a Kenmore Power Miser 9 Gas water heater model number 153.339562. Gas Heater Pilot Light Troubleshooting. X. Dirty pilot tube: Sometimes, your gas water heater wont light due to a dirty pilot tube. ... How to Light the Pilot for a Gas Hot Water Heater; ... so always refer to your manual or the pilot light instruction label Pilot light always on? On gas water heaters, the pilot light makes sure that there is always flame available when the burner needs to kick in and heat water. If you don't smell gas, determine if you need a lighter to light the pilot. If your gas appliances has a pilot light, it is important to know how to safely relight it if it goes out by following these useful guidelines. I have a KINGSMAN gas heater, ... my gas heater shutting down the flame and pilot? Helps you understand how the pilot light in your furnace or water heater works. i don't smell...

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Water Heaters : Pilot goes out after heat cycle, relight and it stays burning untill next heat cyle has run. If your water heater pilot light ... the Pilot Light on My Water Heater Keep Going Out? Why pilot light on my water heater goes out? My water heater pilot turns off after ... flaring to life and heating some of the water. Hi - Our Pilot Light ignites easily but goes out after heating the tank. Atwood Water Heater Troubleshooting - Pilot ... burner cycle and water ... tank without shorting out. ... furnace stay on for the duration of a heating cycle? ... is going to check it out after. Have a Lochinvar water heater that will not keep the pilot burning after it goes thru the heating cycle. retries over and over again. Hello All Well my gas water heater pilot light will ... Water Heater Burner Knocks out Pilot... ... on the pilot light goes out. A neighbor has a Rheem natural gas direct vent water heater & about once a week the pilot lite goes out. the ignition...

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The AO Smith Vertex GPHE-50 is a natural gas water heater. ... goes out almost immediately. May I interrupt your gas water heater research to briefly mention my very entertaining novel? If you have an older model furnace or water heater that uses ... You may even have been able to experience the thrill of relighting the pilot light when it goes out. thetankatwaterheaterrescue.com > Forums > The Tank > Pilot Light Goes Out after ... Our Pilot Light ignites easily but goes out after ... next to the water heater. Tall 12 Year 40,000 BTU High Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater How to Light a Water Heater. This was 10pm two days ago. Find the best model for you. We changed the thermocouple and still nothing. If your water goes cold, its likely your water heater flame has gone out. I have a natural gas water heater (Rheem ... Why does the pilot light on my hot ... Why would the pilot light on the gas hot water heater keep going out? Has your water heater pilot light...

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In optimal working conditions, a water heater either warms the water in the storage tank and keep it ready for use, or it is a “heat on demand” type of heater. In both cases, the heating elements are kept warmed by a burner, which in turn is triggered by a pilot light. If the pilot keeps going out, the burner won’t turn on and thus the water won’t be heated, which makes troubleshooting an important aspect of water heater maintenance.

Gas Supply

If you are working with a gas-based pilot light, there needs to be a flow of gas to the pilot for it to stay lit. Insufficient gas in the tank is one reason for the pilot light to stop remaining lit, because while there might be enough gas trickling through the line for a tiny flame, once the burner kicks in the flame goes out because of insufficient gas. Also ensure that all the valves on the line to the heater are open so that gas is getting to the pilot.

Dirty Pilot Light and Insufficient Flame

A dirty pilot...

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Why the pilot light goes out and how it is related to an improper venting of the gas water heater. Pilot outage issue, as one of the common problems, when operating gas-fired water heaters doesn't have to be hard repair or find the cause, as long as good working conditions are provided. Even if it happens, troubleshooting gets easier afterward.

The main reasons why the pilot light goes out

To avoid pilot light problems, sufficient air must be supplied to the combustion chamber, for both pilot light and the main burner, and especially with a new FVIR technology that doesn't tolerate contaminated environment. Regular burner assembly maintenance, including cleaning flame arrestor from dirt, dust, and lint is a must on gas water heaters. The area where the pilot light and gas control valve are and the opening for the air intake and venting must not be restricted.

Our focus here is to explain to you how improper venting affects normal pilot light performance, about...

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There is nothing more frustrating when trying to run a hot bath than when your water heater keeps turning off. If your water heater pilot light will not stay lit, it is important to fix it immediately. There are many reasons your water heater igniter might turn itself off.

Often, when your water heater won’t ignite, it’s due to the thermocouple. This device detects whether your pilot light is on by generating a heat-powered electrical current. If the thermocouple has cooled, it assumes that your water heater pilot light is off and your water heater won’t ignite. A faulty thermocouple can cause problems with your water heater not staying lit.

Dirty thermocouple: If you can light your pilot light, but the water heater pilot keeps going out, there are many possible causes. One of them is a dirty thermocouple. When you have a problem with your water heater not lighting, look at your water heater pilot light. Inspect the thermocouple to determine if it is dirty. If so, turn...
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Troubleshooting Problems with your Furnace Pilot Light

Here's Why Your Furnace Pilot Light Keeps Blowing Out

The thermocouple is bad. More >> The pilot orifice is dirty. More >> The gas regulator is bad. More >> Gas availability is fluctuating. More >> A draft is blowing the pilot out. More >>

You awake on a cold winter morning and cast the covers aside. A fierce, freezing draft sends shivers down your spine. Something's wrong. The furnace stopped working at some point during the night.

Attempts to re-light the pilot light are futile. It won't stay on. Maybe the pilot stays on for a moment and the furnace attempts to fire, but almost immediately shuts down. Why does this happen?

Before conceding the cost of emergency repairs and calling an HVAC professional, read ahead for some of the most common reasons why your furnace pilot light won’t stay on. You may be able to fix the problem on your own if you’ve got the tools and the wherewithal.

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1) My guess is the thermocouple (silvery tube about 3/16" diameter and 2" long that sticks up into the pilot flame, with a copper or shiny metal tube leading back to the gas control valve unit. If the thermocouple is not kept hot by the pilot light, it shuts of the gas flow as a safetuy measure so gas cannot build in the house from an unlit pilot light to ignite the flame. My first guess is it is too old (should be replaced annually at annual cleaning), or it may be corroded or not sticking in the pilot flame like it should - about 1/4 of length at the tip should be in the pilot flame, so it stays hot. It is held in place by spring fingers in the screw-in holder - can be slid up and down, though may require removing it to do so.

2) If the pilot flame is not blue but is yellow or flickering severely, it may not be keeping the thermocouple hot enough, so when the draft changes as the gas burner goes off, the thermocouple cools enough to shut off the gas. If there is rust...

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