Why is replaced outlet dead?


As is the case with many difficulties around the home, the root cause of a dead outlet is not always the same. Unfortunately, this means that the appropriate fix can also vary from one situation to the next. Dead outlets are a nuisance and, if not handled properly, they can also be dangerous. Here are five things you can do to help identify both the problem and the solution to this common household trouble.

1.Check Other Nearby Outlets for Function

...when it comes to outlets that are not functioning at all, your very first step should be to check other outlets in the area.

The National Fire Prevention Agency suggests that homeowners call in a pro if they notice sparks come from an outlet or if an outlet gets very warm or discolored, but when it comes to outlets that are not functioning at all, your very first step should be to check other outlets in the area. Plug a lamp into any nearby outlets to assess if there is a problem with an entire circuit or if the...

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If checking the breakers and resetting the GFCIs haven’t restored power to the outlet, the next step, without getting into circuit testing, is to remove the outlet from the box and look for loose connections.

We’ll show you three common types of loose connections: loose terminal screws, loose stab-in connections, and loose wires at wire connectors. You may find one or more of these when you remove your outlet and look in the electrical box.

Loose or broken wires The first problem we show is a loose connection under the outlet’s terminal screw. In Photo 2, you can see the charred outlet and melted wire insulation that are a result of heat generated by the loose connection. These telltale signs aren’t always present, though, which is why you should double-check the connections by gently bending each wire to see if it moves under the screw.

If you do discover a loose connection at an outlet, whether it’s at the screw terminal or a stab-in connection, we recommend...

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HOME SitemapInfo and Troubleshooting

There are often special looking electrical receptacles in bathrooms or kitchens that have "Test" and "Reset" buttons -- often black and red -- on them. Video. These are ground-fault circuit interrupters -- GFCIs or GFIs. Their purpose is to protect people from electrocution. They do not prevent shock altogether, only deadly shock. And they do not prevent overloads on the circuit. That is the job of a circuit breaker at the main panel. See my GFCI article. (What is the little light on some GFIs?)

Why Can't I Reset? Is GFCI Bad or Is There a Ground-Fault?
GFI Outlet Diagram -- Hooking Up
Is an Unknown GFCI the Cause of an Outage?
Finding a Tripped GFCI Receptacle
Confusing Terms: GFCI, GFI, Load, etc.

Bad GFCI or a Ground-Fault? -- Troubleshooting

Is a GFI tripping for a ground-fault? If you are pretty sure you need to troubleshoot a ground-fault itself, you may want to go to

Tripped GFI -- Why?


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Troubleshooting dead electrical outlets in your home is one of the things that you need to know how to do yourself.

A dead electrical outlet can be a common problem in the home, and by troubleshooting you will be able to know whether or not you need to fix it by yourself and save your money, or if you will have to call an electrician to fix it.

Test the outlet with a few things first.

If you troubleshoot and discover that the cause is more complicated than you can handle yourself, contacting Conductive Electrical Contracting will be necessary. Trying to fix a complex electrical problem by yourself may lead to more problems and cost you more money in the long run.

Dead electrical circuits can be caused by various complications, such as tripped circuit breakers, faulty receptacles, or blown fuses.

After you go through the proper troubleshooting steps and you discover that the problem needs the attention of the experts, it is necessary for you to...

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Electrical Question from David about GFCI Wiring.
Background: David, a Handyman from Amherst, NH


I had a GFCI with downstream outlets. This morning, I noticed the downstream outlets were dead. However, the GFCI outlet was working. I found that when I pushed in the reset button, the downstream outlets went hot.

Is it normal for a GFCI to “trip”, cut off the downstream outlets, yet keep the GFCI outlets hot? Or should I replace the GFCI?

Additional Comments: Great site.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question David. No that is not normal. The GFCI outlet should be replaced. The manufacturers are making the newer GFCI’s much better. Make sure to purchase a name brand GFCI with a genuine UL Listing, never buy a generic. Fully explained wiring instructions complete with a picture series of GFCI installations and wiring diagrams can be found here in the GFCI area here in this website. Just click the GFCI Outlet...

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If an electrical outlet in your home has suddenly stopped working, your first instinct is probably to check the circuit breaker that...

How to Replace an Electrical Outlet. ... recheck the main power and retest until there's no power in the outlet. 3. Unscrew...

No Power to the Outlet But the Breaker Is Fine; How to Troubleshoot a Partial Dead Circuit in the Home; Why Does...

No Power to the Outlet But the Breaker Is Fine. How to Troubleshoot a GFCI Outlet. Featured. Prep Your Property for the...

Amongst home do-it-yourself projects, electrical repairs are some of the most dangerous. On the surface, they can be deceptively simple, which makes...

Electrical Switches & Outlets; Other Switches & Outlets; No Power to a Whirlpool Fridge; X. Must See: Slide Shows. No Power to...

Install an Electrical Outlet; How to Diagnose No AC Power at Electrical Switch; X. Must See: Slide Shows. How to Diagnose No...

Electrical building...

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What is it About Dead Sea Cosmetics?

A lot of cosmetic aficionado’s have probably heard about the wonders that can be found from the Dead Sea. Some of the readers might be using products that use ingredients refined from Dead Sea mud, rocks, minerals, etc. If one asks for an explanation, the answer you would most probably get is that it has been used as a beauty secret by the ancient Egyptians. This article will try to simplify some of the science that surrounds Dead Sea Cosmetics as well as provide some very basic facts.

What part of the Dead Sea do they use?

Most of you would probably say the water or the sand, and in truth you are partly right. But, the most sought after part of Dead Sea Cosmetics is the mud and the salt deposits. Of course, what some people do not know is that the climate as well as the environment near the Dead Sea itself has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to your health.

Why is the Dead Sea so rich in...

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I get asked at least 5 times a day in the summer the dreaded “Why is my water Green?” or “How do I get rid of Algae?” questions. If you ask 10 different Pond Experts you will get at least 15 different answers. After years of Ponding, I have found the following to be the Keys to a clear, algae-free pond.

What is Algae

There’s typically 3 different types of algae that many of us may be plagued with. The first kind is ”green water’ algae. It is simply a microscopic plant that makes your water look green. The next kind is string algae and it typically grows on rocks, in between water lilies and other aquatic plants and looks like long green hair. It grows on these places because the water is warmer than elsewhere in the pond (especially shallow areas around the shore or on a waterfall) and there may not be as much water movement . Many of us get frustrated and just pull out the string algae by handfuls but what you’re actually doing is making the problem...

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SER FAQ: LMFAQ: Determining why it won't start >

Determining why it won't start

Think: FAST - Fuel, Air, Spark, Timing. Diagnosing a balky engine is not difficult but a step-by-step methodical procedure will make it a lot less traumatic. Despite all the warnings, serious problems rarely develop on their own. Most likely, there is a simple, easily remedied cause.


Obviously, the engine won't run without gas! Is there some in the fuel tank? If it is near the bottom, add enough so that there is no doubt about there being enough to reach the outlet pipe regardless of any slant on which the lawn mower is located. Make sure any shutoff valve is open. Check for a clogged fuel filter, if there is one. There may be a sediment catching screen at the bottom of the tank as well. If your engine uses a primer bulb, does it feel like it is doing something? There is a distinctly different feel when it is actually squirting a little gas into the intake pipe. Check...
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When I first moved to the UK, I thought I understood why people hated the Daily Mail: it's a shitty, sensationalist tabloid, right? What I failed to understand, in my naive, transatlantic way, was just how shitty a tabloid the Fail is. Here, then, is Martin Robbins doing a 20-minute presentation at The Pod Delusion's third birthday bash, explaining in excruciating (and funny) detail why the Mail is an atrocious, vile fester of stinking shit, and why the people who publish it are scum.

Martin Robbins: Why The Daily Mail is Evil (at The Pod Delusion's 3rd birthday do) (via MeFi)

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Welp, at least someone’s happy about summer ending and the school year starting.


Who? Weekly spoofs Us Weekly and other outlets so in need of “celebrity” content that they resort to covering people of questionable renown.


Where do man-splainers get their water? From a well, actually… (via /r/Jokes)

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Very satisfied!

Henry and his dad are great repairmen and did a good job. My refrigerator is working better than ever and you saved me from the hassle of having to get a new one. Thank you again for the quick service repair.

John Gibson
Refrigerator Repair

Great job!

No complaints on my end. Roberto came early to my house and did a good repair job on the oven. He was friendly and cordial.

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Oven Repair

Happy I Called!

Great company. They fixed my Viking washer and dryer combo and did a good job. I recommend them for appliance repair.

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Washer Repair


A+ Work and Cheap Repair!I will be saving their biz card for the future.

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Appliance Repair

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On time, good service, nice guys, and decent service price.

David Rudnick

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The Circuit Detective's Diagnostic Tree

If you have reached this page without beginning at the Start of the diagnostic tree, you may do better to start there.

Several electrical items in your home are not working. You have a common troubleshooting problem and the one with the most possibilities. Let's try to narrow things down quickly. See if any of the following sounds like your situation.

Though you don't think a circuit breaker tripped, a recent heavy load (vacuum, hairdryer, rug shampooer, microwave, carpenter's saw) or a recent burning-out light bulb could do so. Or you may have forgotten a separate subpanel with breakers in the other end of the house behind a picture. Or you may not realize that many brands of breakers do not look to be in a Tripped position when they have in fact tripped. And you can't rely on the labeling in the panel to point you to the breaker that really has to do with your outage.

Consider also that an outage in homes built or...

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Awesome 3d Printing Ideas You Can Do At Home

With 3d Printers becoming more widely adopted in households, pretty soon everyone will have one. How would having a 3d printer benefit me; or what could i even print? are often questions wary consumers have about the new technology. The truth is there are a remarkable amount of things a 3d Printer can print. Here are some of the coolest 3D printable ideas.


3D printer Toy

With 3D printers you’re never out of reach of a new toy for the kids or even a new model of the ’67 Impala you always wanted. 3D printing allows for many types of creations giving you the options of plastics, rubbers and even metal to print with nothing is out of the question.

Musical instruments:

3D printer guitar

Guitars, drums, flutes and more can all be conveniently printed right at home. With many different templates available you can have whichever you’d like. If any of the templates don’t quench...

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