Will my rainforest shower have enough pressure?


I am looking to install a new shower in my bathroom, which will be done by a plumber who has said that I just need to go ahead and order my choice of shower. There are two options I am looking at, both of which have rainforest shower heads. The first (this) has a 300mm head, together with four jets. The second (this) has a 200mm head, and no jets. Both are listed as having a recommended pressure of 1 to 3 BAR, with a flow rate at optimum pressure of 14 litres / minute.

I tested my current shower, by removing the shower head and running it on full power, and the flow rate is 10 litres / minute. So, this is 4 litres per minute lower than the listed flow rates of these showers. As far as I am aware, my bathroom uses mains water pressure direct from the street, which goes through a gas boiler in my flat, although I do not know the water pressure. What I am concerned about, is whether these two showers mentioned will allow for sufficient water pressure. I'd rather like a shower...

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I am reviewing my absolutely cherished shower gel, the Oriflame Discover Borneo Tropical Rainforest Shower Gel.

I have been using the product since the last two months, alternating it with Oriflame Milk and Honey Soap which my family uses throughout the year. Now that it is summer, I am indulging in my shower gel bath everyday! I usually felt lazy using it in winter but even when I used it,the
experience has always been a wonderful one. In any case I am a lover of Oriflame products! So far I have not been disappointed with any of their products

that I have purchased.

Oriflame’s take on the DISCOVER BORNEO shower gel:

“Savour every moment of your tropical rainforest experience with the refreshing, sporty scent of Discover Borneo - slowly make your way through the dense jungle, enjoying the lush green surroundings and wild nature all around you.”

Price: Rs.269

I bought it at Rs.198 when it was on offer.


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