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I woud not try the "cut out or smash one pane" approach. I might try removing the pane as a unit (yep, you're going to have to dis-assemble wherever it was "built in place" a little) and drilling the seal/separator full of holes to ventilate it - or
I think that the landlord is responsible, but sometimes it's necessary to do things yourself. .
I would like your suggestions/experience/opinions on designing steel windows+patio doors, using hollow sections (RHS as they call them) and angle sections. The window style I have in mind (but can not afford to buy and transport to my country) are th
It will either do so through small, existing cracks, or it will push through and create new cracks. The first thing to do is repair the area that is leading so much moisture into the wall. The problem is normally around flat areas like parapet walls
Have a decent neighbor, retired, squared away, likes things neat. His back porch wood got rotten and he claims this is because the shade / humidity of the tree. Can that be true? The mildew was on the side closer to the tree, near the top, so I can s
Background: A bay window has been having ice dam issues for the past couple of years. I think the water is coming in through the space between the gutter and the fascia. That space is just on the inside edge of the bay window
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A window hinged at the side is called a casement window. More specifically, that is a slide hinge, manual, sector crank casement window. Different manufacturers may have a different name for the 'slide hinge' style
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Portable air conditioners are designed so you can easily move them to any room of your home. They’re not installed in a window like room air conditioners, but use a flexible exhaust hose that carries the warm air from the room. This hose can be run t