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FLASHING WALL to FOUNDATION or SLAB- CONTENTS: Details on where & how to install flashing at the intersection of building siding or building walls with a horizontal surface such as a projecting foundation wall or a concrete porch or floor slab. P
Window sash replacement: how do you do it? This question came up recently because the glass in the lower sash of our double hung window broke
anon959634Post 48 Is polycarbonate considered a composite material? anon337213Post 47 Wow. There are -- surprisingly -- a lot of uses for polycarbonate plastics. anon328038Post 46 I am planning on buying an outdoor portable basketball system
In fact, you can clear these windows up. If its regular glass, two small holes are drilled and a cleaning solution (which need not be toxic) injected. If it is tempered glass, the same procedure is possible if the glass seal can be reached for drilli
I need to hang some standard window blinds (blinds that you pull upward by pulling the strings down) inside a few of my windows, but my walls are concrete stucco, and there is about a 3/4" gap between the drywall and the concrete on all of my windows
Roller Bearing vs Ball Bearing A bearing is a device that is used in between two moving or rotating surfaces to facilitate smooth movement and to reduce friction. Bearings have a long history and even before the modern types of bearings came into exi
I woud not try the "cut out or smash one pane" approach. I might try removing the pane as a unit (yep, you're going to have to dis-assemble wherever it was "built in place" a little) and drilling the seal/separator full of holes to ventilate it - or
I think that the landlord is responsible, but sometimes it's necessary to do things yourself. .
I would like your suggestions/experience/opinions on designing steel windows+patio doors, using hollow sections (RHS as they call them) and angle sections. The window style I have in mind (but can not afford to buy and transport to my country) are th
It will either do so through small, existing cracks, or it will push through and create new cracks. The first thing to do is repair the area that is leading so much moisture into the wall. The problem is normally around flat areas like parapet walls