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glass block basement window with an air vent You might have hesitated to purchase glass block windows for your basement, bathroom or garage because of your desire to get fresh air. Fortunately with the introduction of ventilation products for glass b
if you want a brushed finish (like many aluminum panels) rub very lightly with a scotchbrite pad in the same direction as the grain you are trying to match. done!.
After habitat loss, the greatest threat to wild birds may be glass windows. NYC Audubon started Project Safe Flight in 1997 to address the issue in New York City. Daniel Klem, an ornithologist at Muhlenberg College, estimates that close to a billion
It's an intriguing question. On one hand, trapped air is heated through radiation. On the other, it acts as an insulator
Before replacing an existing sash, remove all window coverings and exterior screens. Use a utility knife to ensure the trim does not peel before removing the stops with a putty bar or similar device. Remove all visible nails and hardware before remov
When I do jamb extensions, I'm butting tight against the existing window frame, but nailing through shims into the rough framing. I offset the jamb extension by about 3/16", and caulk that reveal. In that scenario, the only time 5/8" material in the
Ideally, you should fill the holes with some silicone. This is the best way to prepare a new surface to install new screws needed for re-mounting vinyl shutters. If you don’t plan to reinstall the shutters, fill the holes and repair the surrounding s
ЎЎ ЎЎ Light Transmission Meter/Window Tint Meter ЎЎ ЎЎ ЎЎ ЎЎ ЎЎ SR3716 Light Transmittance Meter ЎЎ SR3716 light transmittance meter is used for measure percentage of light transmitted through transparent material (such as glass, plastic substrates e
Right stud: What's the best way to screw the stud into the frame at the top and bottom so that it's sturdy enough to support the new wall I am going to hang on it? What you're doing here is called "sistering". I personally would use 2 screws each at
This is a long overdue answer to my own question. I never did find an example elsewhere of handling this so I just went with my gut and ended up with this: I pretty much added casing to the outside of the window that met up with the wainscoting and d