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Nothing to do with building codes, unless you are hanging an addition to your house out the window. Your own (single-family) home on your own lot (piece of land) - depends what you have (or don't) for a home-owner's association, or if your house is s
How to Add a door In an exterior brick wall If you've got a brick house and are looking to install a door in the brick, this how to will get you there. Be prepared, it's a big job and you'll need to be comfortable wielding several power tools. Are yo
TL;DR What are the exact, low-level kernel & OS calls that are being executed when a user either double-clicks or selects a file and presses the Enter key from within Windows Explorer? Details This may seem like a rather odd question, but I'm cur
There are a lot of options you could consider depending on your budget and opinion on "cheap". There are acoustic dampening windows you could look into if you have a higher budget and don't mind replacing your window. If you're sure that the main sou
See the video. I have a bad window leak. The water comes in during rainy days and makes its way from the 2nd story window to the first floor window and wall just below it
When it comes to covering a small window, you have options. If the architectural detail of the window is important, consider frosting the glass or installing a piece of stained glass. Frosted glass provides privacy without covering the window entirel
In case of heavy rain or storm there are many things to prepare with basement window covers for the newly or old basement. If you are using the basement as living space it is more important than normal basement situation as you had spend lots of time
I am not a uPVC expert but been in window business all my life and I do not think there is any type of filler or resin that you can use that will be invisible after the repair. Even if you did use something to fill in the holes, when it comes sanding
Hi, a) What is the exact error message? b) Do you get this message at random or with a particular website? c) Did you make any recent changes to your computer? d) Do you have a wired or wireless connection? Network Diagnostics event logs are saved as