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Hi, a) What is the exact error message? b) Do you get this message at random or with a particular website? c) Did you make any recent changes to your computer? d) Do you have a wired or wireless connection? Network Diagnostics event logs are saved as
The minimum height of the window is specified in code, and so is fairly standard. And is not typically influenced by the well dimensions. The bottom of the window must be within a specific height above the basement floor
Sloped Low Profile Covers Our Sloped low profile covers are a great way to let the light shine in your basement! Unlike many mass produced window well covers, our Sloped covers are made of nearly indestructible polycarbonate (brand name Lexan®). The
I have a patio door made of up two aluminium tri-folding doors which meet in the middle. One side has a normal 5 point locking system operated by a normal door handle and key. The other side has a hidden lever (only accessible when the main door is u
When you are considering replacing your windows a great choice can be vinyl replacement windows. The best vinyl replacement windows offer durability and the ultimate in easy care and maintenance. While there are not many color options besides white,
A client recently complained to me about how badly the old windows rattled in his historic home. He wanted to stop the noise as well as the air infiltration, but he didn’t want me to replace the windows. Like me, my client understands the important r
I live in the second floor (one over ground level) in a condo building in Germany. It is rented, so I cannot do major modifications. Minor modifications must be arranged with the owner
White silicon may work to plug the holes but if you use it make sure to get the surface finish the way you want it before the stuff dries. It is not a material that will sand very well after the fact. You may also want to try a bathroom tub and sink
Convert a thru the wall A/C to a Window unit? Need some help folks. My son decided to attend graduate school in Connecticut at the last moment. He's up there right now and the only A/C unit he could find was a Kenmore at Sears
Our house doesn’t have central air conditioning, but the previous owners had left behind two window air conditioner units — a small one, which we’d been using in the tandem room to cool the bedrooms, and a larger one, which we’d been putting in the d