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Description of window set, in case someone knows them by make: the lower pane is counterbalanced (weight? spring? I don't know) and the upper pane is fixed in place with a screen window underneath it. Each window frame also has a pair of lightweight,
There's nothing quite as refreshing as a good shower, whether you're after an early morning wakeup, a midday rejuvenation, or a hot blast to relax the muscles after a long tiring day; standing under that strong stream of droplets just takes some beat
Some windows just beg for a layer of drapes. They are either just the right size or design that allows them to be treated with possibly a lightweight, thin drape against the window, with a heavier material out front. When used together, this layer of
How to Remove Outgassing Haze on Pella Windows. Pella windows are sealed, double-paned windows. Some Pella windows are charged with argon,
The simplest way to hang curtains from a slanted attic ceiling is to ignore the angle. Another approach is to use fixed curtains with tiebacks, hung at an angle. Depending on the configuration of your room, either approach could work to provide priva
All surfaces exposed to the sun, as window-sash, sills, jambs, inside blinds, outer doors, railings, and the like, are treated as exterior work, and do not receive the varnish used on interior trim, but are varnished with what is called spar-varnish,
By Lee Wallender Updated July 06, 2016. Unless you have owned a house for a number of years, you may never have had any need to know about replacement windows. They are not something that enters your mode of thinking - until it is too late
EURO 68 wooden window profile with insulated glazing Insulated glazing (IG), more commonly known as double glazing (or double-pane, and increasingly triple glazing/pane) is double or triple glass window panes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space