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Another post-lightening strike problem: we have a run of outlets that no longer make a connection when you touch black & white wires, yet get a connection when touching black to the ground wire with a multimeter. A circuit tester reads "Hot/Groun
I have a trouble-shooting question concerning a GFCI. I am an electrician, and a buddy called me tonight and was having trouble with a GFCI that he had just installed in his house. Details: The existing circuit had a normal outlet and he wanted to in
You have what is known as a "multi-wire branch circuit", where two otherwise independent circuits share the same neutral return back to the electrical panel. Wiring the GFCIs in a naive manner won't help you here, because in a shared neutral situatio
Be sure you use a 30A double-pole breaker to adequately protect your wiring. Make sure you provide an equipment ground and use a NEMA 14-30 receptacle. The box can be metal or plastic
My 20 amp breaker going to my garage keeps tripping. It just started suddenly, the only thing plugged in there 24/7 is my washer. I replaced the outlet, and even tried unplugging it completely and it still trips
My main panel has been upgraded to 100 amps. I would like to add a subpanel in the garage which would supply: 20 amp Mig welder running on 120 volts, but later upgrade to a larger Mig welder as i am experienced at welding. Large jointer Medium sized
The white wire is being used as an ungrounded (hot) conductor, though it has not been properly marked as such. Looks like a fairly large wire, so it's surely feeding a larger 240 volt load. The breaker that it's terminated at, should be a double pole
Your calculations are a bit off since each battery is 12V, the total energy capacity is 12 * 115 = 1280 Watt-hour each, or 5520 Watt-Hour total for 4 of them. I couldn't find specs online for your solar panels, but am going to assume that the 10. 55v
I am working to convert a hard wire light fixture which I have purchased to a plug in light fixture. The light fixture was designed for outdoor use, but I will be using it inside. Coming out of the light fixture is what seems to be a regular lamp cor
Note: All block quotes are sections from NFPA-70:2014 (aka 2014 NEC) 1st problem: 8 awg NM can only carry a max of 40 amps NM is treated as a cable assembly with 60°C conductors per 334. 80 even though the individual conductors are typically rated at