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CEILING FAN INSTALL REMOTE By admin on March 2, 2013 how do you install a harbor breeze triton 52 ceiling fan’sInstalling a remote controlled ceiling fan will help cool off a warm room in the hot summer weather and help to mix the air during winter w
I replaced a ceiling fan in my bedroom that no longer worked. I didn't pay attention to the wiring when removing the old fan but diligently followed the instructions. The new fan has a light kit and remote kit and it all works perfectly except they a
I have been working through the wiring in my house to add in gfci's in the appropriate locations and update outlets and switches. I am familiar with usual three-way and four-way light set-ups and have had no trouble updating with most of the three-wa
Older homes might slightly complicate the wiring of a ceiling fan. You are more likely to hit junk in the void above ceiling -- such as historical layers of previous plaster ceilings behind a newer drywall finish. You might also encounter pre-1950s k
If they are working, then it is likely only a single faulty outlet. An outlet is easy to change yourself without having to call in a professional. New outlets can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store
A landscaping project I am about to start will allow me to replace two old 110 VAC line running from the house electrical panel to the garage. The original wiring os over 50 years old and I will be more comfortable with it replaced. I know the wires
When I turn on the power to my hot tub at the breaker, I can hear the relays closing and the pump hums for a short while, but it doesn't turn. I recently drained and filled my hot tub. After refilling, I ran the pump for a few minutes to circulate so
Most likely a loose or corroded neutral connection. Normally neural has zero volts to a couple of volts on it, as it is just the power return for the "Hot" wire. Check for loose wire nuts, or a junction where one wire is aluminum and the other is cop
I am not sure what style fixtures you have, but the previous owner of my motorhome installed the tape style LED lights and they are now starting to yellow and fail, so I am in the process of replacing them again. For the kitchen overhead (originally