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I am interconnecting some strip lights in a closet. They are linkable LED fixtures which each come with a connector cable to link, optionally, to additional fixtures. The connector cables are a bit short for what I have in mind, but I need to use the
hope this is an incandesant light fixture, you should have a wire of black and white in the ceiling that you are connecting too from the fixture, the fixture has little wires compared to the 14 or 12 gage wire, sometimes the fixture wire will go into
I replaced some halogen bulbs in my recessed cans with some LED retrofit kits I also replaced the dimmer with a new digital LED dimmer. When I dim the lights down to a low-ish setting, I can wait about 45 mins and eventually the lights will be off. I
1 Turn off the power feeding the panel you are going to be working in. It may help to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with all of the tips in the related wikiHow article on "How to Master Do It Yourself Electrical Safety". Shut off all the
What is Electronic Ballast?Electronic ballast is a device that converts power frequency to very high frequency to initialize gas discharge process in Fluorescent Lamp by controlling voltage across the lamp and current through the lamp. Use of Electro
When we moved into our house 4 years ago that was built back in 1960 we had the programmable light switch that controls the front porch light replaced by an electrician that was doing some other work on the house since it wasn't working. Well 4 years
My airport extreme recently gave up the ghost. As as result the wifi in my 3 WEMO switches needed to be reset. I was ablet to reset 2 of the 3 by simply restarting the devices, then hitting the reset button for 5 seconds, then redoing the entire setu
The 225A welder would draw 50A @ 240V on it's maximum setting. The 17,000 BTU/hr heater is electrically equivalent to 5kW, so about 21A @ 240V. If you want to operate both simultaneously plus lights (not much power required for those, however), you n
The silver wire is also a ground. Chains are not grounding paths so a pendant needs 2 grounds - one down the chain to the pendant, and the other for the box cover. I suspect the manufacturer ran an extra run of 14/2 (12/2?) Romex from the switch to s
Having my basement finished. I got a company that is framing in the walls, doing the heating ducts, and running Electricity. I have done wiring and outlets before myself