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A white conductor is just that, a white conductor. Just because it is white does not automatically make it a neutral. So in your switch loop example, it is NOT a "neutral" that is re-marked, it is a white conductor
When we moved into our house 4 years ago that was built back in 1960 we had the programmable light switch that controls the front porch light replaced by an electrician that was doing some other work on the house since it wasn't working. Well 4 years
This is a "lost neutral" and it is very dangerous and should be dealt with swiftly. Your house has 240V power with "neutral" in the middle. That gives you two sides
Bonded ground/neutralIf you have the neutral and ground bonded at a subpanel, then you'll get neutral return current through the ground wire back to the main panel (since there are now multiple paths). Even worse, as @Tester101 points out, if the neu
There is no rule in the UK preventing you from putting central heating and sockets on the same circuit (which may or may not be a ring). In my experiance a dedicated circuit for central heating is the exception not the rule. I'm not sure why you woul
2011 code has nothing on the subject. However it is clear the purpose of the rules therein is to keep you from draping cords across sinks. That seems like a very good idea
1) Your initial deposit for the question is OK, but for whatever reason, the additional amount for the phone call did not work. I am only an electrician here and I don't have any control over credit card payment methods. That is a customer service is
I replaced an old two-prong receptable with a three-prong GFCI (no ground) yesterday. It won't reset. I found out that "downstream" there is a light on the next level down that is controlled by two switches, one at the top of the stairs, one at the b
Begin installing your new door. If you're installing a two-car garage door, place a reinforcing bar on the top panel to prevent the door from bowing in the center. Be sure the bar is centered on the panel