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The gauge of wire you use depends on: how much voltage drop is acceptable. You can use a voltage drop calculator to estimate this. Voltage drop depends on the voltage, current, length of wire, and resistance of wire (i
My living room has one wall switch that feeds two different lights/ sconces . The switch has only two black wires on the side of the switch. one on the top and one to the bottom
1 Remove all sub panel covers or doors. 2 Measure about 5 feet (1. 5 m) from the floor to mark the spot where you will mount the panel
Hello, everyone, I'm Joshua Clement with Lighty Contractors, and today we're going to talk about how to replace the element in a glass top range. For this we'll be using a drill with a Phillips head bit in it. it's a good idea to have a wide range of
The simplest thing to do is to turn the breaker on and figure out which black wire is supplying the current. (This is arguably one of the more dangerous approaches, but it is safe if you follow precautions like have someone guarding the wires so they
A luxurious feature offered on many modern ceiling fans is the wireless remote control. This feature offers full operation of the fan (and any light attachment) from any location within a reasonable distance. This can be especially useful in bedrooms
There are basically two types of wire tracer: audible frequency transmitter and receiver often used with telephone wires to detect them in floors, walls, etc. It is expected the receiver can be placed within a few inches of where the traced wire pote
You can always use larger size wire, however, you may run into a few problems doing so. The fist problem you'll have, is that the 6 AWG wire cannot be directly terminated at the new 20 ampere breaker. 20 ampere breakers tend to only accept 14 AWG to
I am wiring a house that I built, and code says I need an AFCI for the bedroom circuit. The panel that I will be installing this AFCI breaker in is a subpanel, so my ground/neutrals are on 2 separate buses on opposite sides of the breaker panel. Can
Wire colors with HVAC wiring are non-standardized, so the colors themselves don't help much. Your furance/air handler should have a control board with terminals labelled R, W, Y, G and C. There should be an existing wire that connects to all of these