Questions about: wood-finish

by Chris H Last Updated March 12, 2016 07:09 AM My worktops are treated with Danish oil, and I appear to have got some on the tiled splashbacks and not noticed until it's cured (it's not very obvious except in daylight, I oiled by artifical light). I
I've used the steel wool + vinegar method before*. It's essentially a stain so really only affects the surface layer. It shouldn't have any meaningful affect on the strength of the piece of wood
According to your link, they sell this strictly at Lowes in Canada. I'm assuming you're not Canadian as you're using the . com instead of the
You have a pile of wood that needs to be turned back into lumber. As they are to be structural, the beams should be resawn until there are no "rough bits" left. Digging the rot out of a beam makes that beam no thicker than its narrowest point; a weak