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the deck on my Pearson Ensign Hi, I have recently been given a 1962 Pearson Ensign and I need to replace the deck and benches. There are ribs under the deck, and I need to know the best wood to use for them. I also need to know the best wood to use f
Set biscuit joiner depth to #20. Lay the four best planks out on a flat surface and arrange them in final position. With a pencil and working across two boards at a time, make a mark at every 8-inch point along the seam of two boards
Freestanding dog gates that are built for indoor use are ideal to help confine your dog at a defined space. These pet gates are built with different types of durable material and usually come in various dimensions such as extra tall designs. Some of
The Load Warrior is made out of sturdy galvanized steel and is finished with a po. .
Q: Am contemplating getting a wood stove to reduce my heating bills (I currently have an oil furnace, if you get my drift). I have enjoyed the information found on your website, especially your informative Sweep's Library, where I learned I should av