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Q: What is the very best finish for hardwood floors that you can get? One that resists traffic flow wear, scratches, pet markings, etc. ? A: There are a lot of excellent finishes on the market. I was recently sent 4 gallons of one product to sample r
Since you are repainting the spindles, you do not need to go completely down to bare wood. It is fine to get down to the point where you begin to see bare wood, but you aren't actually sanding into the surface of it. The objective is to get to a clea
Stair hand rails are primarily supported at the top and bottom by the newel posts. While some additional support is needed in a span over 5 or 6 feet, the handrail does not need dozens of braces. You will often see an inside wall handrail with attach
Tutorial: Step height Open topic with navigation If you haven't noticed, there are a set of stairs to the right when you start the script. Try going up the steps. As you can see, when you run into the first step the viewpoint stops
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I've used the steel wool + vinegar method before*. It's essentially a stain so really only affects the surface layer. It shouldn't have any meaningful affect on the strength of the piece of wood
English Verb ( decorat) To furnish with decorations. To improve the appearance of an interior of a house, room, office and so forth. (computing) (In some programming languages) To extend a method, etc
One of our friends asks for some help with a bathroom repair that went bad. It seems that a fitting in their second floor bathroom was leaking so they turned the water off at the valve and removed the toilet. At that point they decided to replace the