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Edit: You are looking for a 2x6 aluminum tube. This should be pretty much have the same physical properties as a pine 2x6 (which looks like what you have in the lower picture). In the upper picture, it looks like two 2x2s that are sandwiched together
Ahh…yeah, this can be a complex issue, especially if the spray paint was used on bare wood, and most especially if it is not recent. Open grain wood absorbs liquids very well - especially paint like spray paint from aerosol cans, which are most often
Carpenter Bee Control Article Spring has sprung! Ornamental trees are blooming, flowers are growing and insects are awakening. One such insect super active every spring and summer is the carpenter bee. Carpenter bees are prevalent throughout the Unit
Currently I have a mortice lock. My condo has rules on the esthetic looks of the lock. I wanted to change the lock to keyless and found something similar
If the mineral spirits don't work out, two options would be to strip the piece, or to sand off the finish. Stripping is always messy, but it would be easy going on a freshly applied finish. You would then have to re-sand for the new stain
We are building a wall pergola that we want wisteria to grow on top of. The pergola will only come about 3. 5-4 ft out from the wall (Edit: the columns themselves are less than 2ft from the wall)
Particle board may be one of the most understated materials out there. Not only is it an inexpensive building material, it's versatile. It's not commonly used for a finished exterior without a laminate covering, but it is sufficient as a subfloor, un
Enables Deeper and Wider Network Insights for Faster, More Informed Business DecisionsBURLINGTON, Mass. , December 6, 2016 – Arbor Networks Inc. , the security division of NETSCOUT (NASDAQ: NTCT), today announced Arbor SP Insight, a new software-base
For occassional storage chipboard or any plywood 1/2" or greater will be fine. Go to 5/8 minimum if your joists are on 2' centers. I personally don't agree with the advice to use plywood
It depends on the filler material used, but the most likely candidates would be caulk or wood filler/putty. Caulk remains somewhat flexible after drying. It will probably be white