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I have some decking for which I've built the frame, and the main "floor" decking already but haven't done the sides for yet. The decking goes right up to the edges of the subframe that it sits on. For the sides, i'm going to screw some more decking b
I recently started getting into more DIY projects around the house and decided to make a fairly straight forward desk for my computers and monitors. This is a 3x6' desk with black metal pipes for legs. Being my first hands on project like this, I've
We have talked about mounting our 55" XBR-55X810C Sony 4K TV since we bought it, and yesterday we bought a mount on a whim. It's a Stanley tilting mount for 32" up to 70" TV's up to 90 pounds in weight. The XBR-55X810C specs say it's 38
It has to do more with the quality of the the 2x6s vs the 4x6. A 4x6 x 12 board would have to be clear all the way through, with no cracks or knots. Most softwood logs won't produce this board, and if it cracks, it is likely to break more easily vs t
I'm hoping to keep this bridge to a 3' wide walkway with simple railings. I've found this site on building arched footbridges (he calls them "rainbow bridges"). If I went that way, it would be much more complex than just a flat bridge and I'd have th
I'm trying to figure out the viability of a project to suspend bicycles from the garage ceiling. What I don't know, however, is how much to worry about the bearing capacity of wood screws to hold a pulley, fairlead, or other device to guide the rope
DIY tips How to stain or paint a new wood garage door with semi-transparent stain. Garage door painting hacks. Make that garage door look like a professional stained it and to last for at least 7 years
I'm building an aquarium stand, with only wood and screws. I'm only equipped with a miter saw, a drill, and some hand powered saws and a leveler- this will be my first woodworking project. The goal is to have a stand that will hold a 35-40 gallon aqu
Home Depot has a pretty good guide for building wire fences. If you prefer a post and rail look, you could always add a few rails to the design. It would make it look a little better and add some strength as well