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I'm building a dog house for our new puppy and got stuck on something. The plan.
Mounting a Wall Mount Rack The best thing about the Wall Mount Rack is that it can be mounted on a wall (or almost any flat surface), which means it takes up less space and stays out of your way. Depending on the size you select, a Wall Mount Rack ma
Ideally, you should fill the holes with some silicone. This is the best way to prepare a new surface to install new screws needed for re-mounting vinyl shutters. If you don’t plan to reinstall the shutters, fill the holes and repair the surrounding s
How long will it take to get my benchers? We estimate that the entire process after you order will take about two weeks. Expedited Shipping (see below) is available by request but not guaranteed. Where do you ship to?We ship worldwide
Tables providing size selections for various beam spans and loading combinations for Southern Pine dimension lumber and Southern Pine glued laminated timber are available for the following applications: Window, Door & Garage Door Headers – Suppor
Maybe I was, however, as I said, recalling from my schooldays (30 plus years ago I might add) calcium is still extremely volatile when exposed to moisture. I seem to remember that when calcium was dropped into a water tank it was very, very "fiz
I'd like to build a ramp for a lawn mower that is in the basement. The only way out is a set of stairs with a very little space to turn to them (that's why the ramp doesn't extend all the way to the ground). It'd be temporary placed over the stairs o
You can't figure this out without knowing how many boards your circle will have; once you choose the number of boards, just divide 360 by the number of bevels (one for each end of each board) and that's how far from 90° each end should be. So, if you
Working on reshingling my roof. The roof deck turned out to be 3/8" plywood which is starting to break down due to the number of times the roof has been replaced. The deck is not rotting out except for a few spots along the drip edge, which we are cu
I'm not a professional carpenter and I haven't worked much with wood before. I also lack proper tools. I made a heart-shaped wooden pendant for my girlfriend with a paper knife and smoothed it out with some sandpaper