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Select the deck stain and sealant products of your choice. Look for stain products that are rated for longest wear, particularly in locations where the deck is exposed to a lot of sunlight for long periods every day. Cheap products are not worth the
So I'll start off by saying that I'm sorry I have no before pictures, but I made you a video of the sponge-painting process on a piece of foam board. This room was done twelve years ago and it really is an easy process to paint this effect on the wal
Woodworm treatment involves the extermination of wood destroying insects that are usually the larvae stage of several beetle species. These worms are a seasonal pest and will attack wood, consume it and leave at the time they mature. Knowing when the
Sorry, qtron. You really should've mentioned you were using this shed as a workshop or something & trying to cool it. I realize you might say "why would I have insulated it otherwise"
Each User has_many Personas, each Persona belongs_to a User. There are 3 types of Persona - types 1 and 2 are created automatically when someone signs up and a new User is created. Persona type 3 can be created later at any time by the User via a for
Last year, a client came to us with a photo of a Japanese engawa (roofed porch). The engawa and all the woodwork looked very old and very dark, as if decades or maybe centuries of sun and weather had worn the wood and the wood had turned a rich dark
If I understand correctly, you have a triangle with one side of 2" and another side of 1. 75". The first thing you want to do is find the hypotenuse
Timeless Elegance A metal porch swing exudes elegance and is one of the most durable swings you can purchase. Versatile, metal swings can be simple in design or as ornate as you can imagine. Need a touch of color? Mary likes to add colorful cushions
1) A couple layers of duct tape on the back of the hinge leaf. 2) A layer or two of paperboard or non-corrugated cardboard scavenged from discarded packaging. 3) Simpson tie plates, trimmed to fit
There is a way to create such a composite timber. Actually, all other things being equal (the species, cut and quality of the wood), a built up sandwich is actually stronger than a solid piece of wood. This is done by laminating the three boards toge