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If I understand correctly, you have a triangle with one side of 2" and another side of 1. 75". The first thing you want to do is find the hypotenuse
I'm going to sand down some oak floors and stain them with a darker color. I'm struggling with finding the correct products and process to do this. (I already have a plan for sanding) I have two 50lb dogs so I want the most durable end result that I
If one side lined up and the other did not, one of the holes that do not line up should corrected (obviously). To determine which one, place a bolt in one of the holes, like you have already have done in the picture, meaning the bottom hole and set t
Pro Tips: Wall Building Don’t lay track across a door openingLay out your walls and openings just like you would with wood, but when you install the bottom plate, don’t run the track across the door openings. You can’t use your reciprocating saw to c
Lay down a dropcloth beneath the vertical item to protect the flooring. Wash the item's surface well with hot soapy water from a bucket and a cloth to remove any surface dirt, oil or dust. If you do not, the polyurethane will seal in the dirt, thus a
You have a pile of wood that needs to be turned back into lumber. As they are to be structural, the beams should be resawn until there are no "rough bits" left. Digging the rot out of a beam makes that beam no thicker than its narrowest point; a weak
By Todd Fratzel on Flooring Floor Transitions I’d like to share some thoughts on how to transition hardwood and tile floors. Hardwood Flooring has become a very popular DIY project for many home owners. Also every DIY program on television has featur
Hi, I just finished putting together a bookcase and now it's time to decide on an appropriate finish. After reading the MiniWax forum I'm not sure whether I should go ahead and apply a wipe on poly. It's a product I am not familiar with
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