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So, we decided we wanted the contrast of a natural or stained table top while leaving the rest of the piece white. I figured I'd just sand the top down and then decide on a stain color followed by 5 or 6 coats of polyurethane. I've put some serious e
Very related:At what stage of basic furniture making should I "finish" the wood?Should I finish before, during, or after assembly?The second thread was marked as a duplicate of the one above it but its Answers give much further info so well worth rea
There's another reason to possibly want to avoid using biscuits for this type of joinery work and that is "telegraphing", where the positions of biscuits can become visible on the finished panel as localised raised or sunken areas. 1" material isn't
An easy way to test out stains is to apply an ample amount of the filler you are using to a scrap piece of wood. It is unlikely you will be able to match the wood. But judging by the amount of filler you have, I assume matching the filer is the bigge
Originally posted by: gotsmackTry it and you'll see. I don't have a very scientific explination but I'll give you a crude explination of how I think it works. when 1 mattress is on top of the normal bottom piece that is the size of the mattress but i
For the large base, Part A will be the top horizontal piece, Part B will be the vertical connecting piece and Part C will be the bottom base. Mark the center points of the two horizontal pieces and line them up with the center points on the ends of t
Hi guys! It's Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest. When we moved into our ranch home, I couldn't believe how much cabinet space the kitchen had compared to the tiny-spaced kitchen nook in our old apartment. I didn't know what to do with all of the
Quote: what about stretchers to attach the legs together and a radius'd rabbitt on the top of the legs to support the glass, or just make legs smaller diameter than glass and let it overhang the legs, use the pads to keep from slipping? Yes, my desig
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