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So, we decided we wanted the contrast of a natural or stained table top while leaving the rest of the piece white. I figured I'd just sand the top down and then decide on a stain color followed by 5 or 6 coats of polyurethane. I've put some serious e
OSB has the appearance of giant cornflakes pressed together to form structural panels in sizes similar to plywood, such as 4' x 8' x 5/8". OSB: Floor Covering vs. SubfloorFloor covering (or finish floor) is the term for the topmost, eventual floor--t
What is a good stain or resource for info on stains I could use on my masterpiece? My concern is small kids getting it on their hands and putting their hands in their mouths, so it has to be completely non toxic. For wooden utensils, I've used minera
I love my Downs LV planks. It "clicks" in a few spots. The subfloor should be flat and smooth or you will get "clicks
SoloWoodworker - Using your bandsaw to resaw One use of a bandsaw is for cutting curves in relatively thin wood - sometimes called scroll work. Most any decent bandsaw, with a fairly narrow blade, will do a sufficient job. Of course, if you need to c
I recently bought Dewalt's Oscillating Multitool. (DSC355) It came with (amongst others) a wood blade and a "wood with nails" blade Today I was using it to replace wooden brick in a parquet floor. It involved slicing down between bricks to cut the do
There's another reason to possibly want to avoid using biscuits for this type of joinery work and that is "telegraphing", where the positions of biscuits can become visible on the finished panel as localised raised or sunken areas. 1" material isn't
It can be rough putting a decorative edge on plywood. On the other hand, if you can put some facing on that edge, you could use a router to chamfer or round the top edge of the facing and have a super smooth result that you can stain or paint. You co