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It can be rough putting a decorative edge on plywood. On the other hand, if you can put some facing on that edge, you could use a router to chamfer or round the top edge of the facing and have a super smooth result that you can stain or paint. You co
I have a project for which I need to cut a groove in 44x44mm wooden plank. The groove is supposed to be 15mm deep and about 3-4mm wide, as well as no less than 150mm long. It is supposed to be positioned in the middle of one of the sides, aligned in
Edit: You are looking for a 2x6 aluminum tube. This should be pretty much have the same physical properties as a pine 2x6 (which looks like what you have in the lower picture). In the upper picture, it looks like two 2x2s that are sandwiched together
If the wood is dented rather than cut/gouged, you can steam dents out with a clothes iron (preferably a steam iron, but not required if you keep the washcloth damp), a damp washcloth, and some patience. If it's actually cherry, and not just "whatever
We are building a wall pergola that we want wisteria to grow on top of. The pergola will only come about 3. 5-4 ft out from the wall (Edit: the columns themselves are less than 2ft from the wall)
Cut the plywood 3 inches longer than your table leg. Set your fence at 6 inches but do not lock it down. Lay your plywood down on the saw with the leading edge touching the saw blade and the inside edge flush with the fence
Generally speaking you are on the right train of thought - gluing in a filler panel. I would stay away from paint sticks, they are very thin and will not hold up to the forces working against a chair. You probably want to use material that is at leas
The vast amount of stress on vertical (and steeply angled) members is compression, and splits are very common without significant degradation of structural integrity, especially in cedar. Having said that, the break does go pretty far along a notched
The versatility of almost any tool is wholly a function of the user's skill set. The tasks you describe, however, are so widely varying as to present a single-tool problem. Rather than one do-all tool, set yourself up with a few quality tools
I need to install a window air conditioner in my master bedroom. However, the only suitable window there is a horizontal sliding window. To complicate things more, I need to place it on top, since my king size bed obstructs the lower part, as you can