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Generally speaking you are on the right train of thought - gluing in a filler panel. I would stay away from paint sticks, they are very thin and will not hold up to the forces working against a chair. You probably want to use material that is at leas
The vast amount of stress on vertical (and steeply angled) members is compression, and splits are very common without significant degradation of structural integrity, especially in cedar. Having said that, the break does go pretty far along a notched
The versatility of almost any tool is wholly a function of the user's skill set. The tasks you describe, however, are so widely varying as to present a single-tool problem. Rather than one do-all tool, set yourself up with a few quality tools
I need to install a window air conditioner in my master bedroom. However, the only suitable window there is a horizontal sliding window. To complicate things more, I need to place it on top, since my king size bed obstructs the lower part, as you can
I currently have some angled stairs going from my garage into the home. To the left of these stairs is a closet that I'm going to take out to allow more open space in the garage. Directly to the right of the angled stairs are the stairs leading to th
Sanding has two primary goals. First of all, it compensates for the surface defects. In case of woodwork it also removes the wood fibers that get raised from the surface when applying paint and are fixed still in the paint layer and thus make the sur
<?xml encoding="UTF-8"???><?xml encoding="UTF-8"???>One of the most popular pieces of outdoor garden furniture at the moment is teak wood patio furniture. Teak wood not only looks fantastic to the eye, but is extremely hard wearing. But t
I am planning my first vegetable garden this year. I am very excited but I don't want to over do it. I am doing 2 raised gardens
I just finished using Cabots stain on my new footbridge. The Cabots requires cleaning brushes with mineral spirits (and my arms, etc. ) and I always have a pit in my stomach about storing the used products
If the 2x4 is not too twisted, then you can probably just use a clamp or a block. Start by fastening one end of the stud in place, and then use one nail to fasten the other end. The nail should be placed such that one of the edges of the stud is cent