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PVC hoses are used for many commercial applications because they are affordable, durable, offer good chemicals resistance, and are available in a variety of grades. To its credit, PVC hose is perhaps one of the most versatile types of ducting on the
This weekend I'll be building a couple of base cabinets to replace some of the existing ones, which I assume are original to the house (circa 1960s). I consider myself handy but have never built cabinets before. I've done a lot of research, purchased
I wish to replace some missing beading in a stairwell. I've only a limited amount of equipment and experience, but I figured I could get a mitre saw and some matching wooden edging and the right stain, and it would be a simple job to match the existi
Buy a No. 3 Smoothing Plane I really like the size of the No. 3 smoothing plane
Pegboard is great for carrying weight over a large surface. But because it is only 3/16" thick, it can't carry a lot of weight in one spot. For areas of the wall where you want to hold heavy tools and yard equipment, use a rail system
First, figure out how much you want to take off. Let's say it's 3". I can think of a couple ways to do this
White silicon may work to plug the holes but if you use it make sure to get the surface finish the way you want it before the stuff dries. It is not a material that will sand very well after the fact. You may also want to try a bathroom tub and sink
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I am in the process of building a new desk. The table top will be about 175cm. There will be 2 simple shelf cabinet so one on each side