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I looked up the codes. I guess a "runner" is the same as a "running board," basically as Jerry described. Correct?The requirements for the rest are a bit more complicated than I had read
I have the below program:(functionality: pads white spaces to the right of string,used astreix here for visual ease): os:windows(visual studio) #include "stdafx. h" #include #include #define CBUFFSIZE 48 void right_pad_str(char *pad_str, char *buff,i
First, check all your circuit breakers. It would be unusual for all the breakers on one half of the house to trip at once, and if the master breaker trips, it would normally take out all the power at once, so those are unlikely explanations, but chec
Waste Oil Burning Furnace Conversion The Waste Oil Furnace ~ Or ~ Yet another Web page With Flames! Safety First, Safety Last, Safety Always I'm an idiot, ask anyone who knows me. I did this, if you do it I guess that makes you an idiot too. Do you r
About a week ago the bulb blew in one of my lamps and when I put a new bulb in it still didn't work. I tried the bulb in a different lamp and it was fine so just thought oh well I need to get a new lamp. But today the same thing has happened with a d
I have ripped up many a floor with 1/2" plywood as the tile substrate over 5/8" sheathing. 1/2" cement board over 5/8" plywood is often frowned upon as the cement board offers up no rigidity to the floor assembly. 1/2" plywood over 5/8" sheathing and
I currently have a gravity-fed, fully-vented central-heating (CH) and hot-water (HW) system (large cold-water tank and expansion tank in the loft, hot-water tank and pump in airing cupboard, gas boiler in the kitchen), and I need to replace the boile
Ive recently bought a house that has a service alley in the back leading to parking. Its a no outlet alley servicing about 4-6 houses (mostly rented) which is probably why it hasn't been properly maintained. The potholes are on the verge of being "tu
I'm working on improvising a shower to add to our existing clawfoot tub. It's just going to be the piping supported to the wall for now as we're going to redo this bathroom a year or so down the road. Tub faucet http://www
The "Break Vac" is a vacuum breaker component. You'll find similar devices on sprinkler systems to avoid siphoning water back in should the water supply lose pressure, or on frost free spigots to allow water to drain out of the fixture so it can't fr